Nail Polish List - March 2012


This is what I got so far:
    • Claire's: 5
      1. Starstruck
      2. Chunky Purple
      3. Magic
      4. Chunky Blue 
      5. Glitter Top Coat 
      • Nicole By O.P.I.: 7
        1. Spark my Mistletoe
        2. Stuck in the chimney
        3. Kiss me at midnight
        4. Stop for Nicole
        5. Wild Blue Yonder
        6. It's Up To You
        7. Di-Vine is Divine
      • HotTopic: 3
        1. Glow in the dark
        2. Neon red (Had to get rid of it, it was a complete mess) 
        3. Metallic Fuchsia 
        • Kleancolor: 10
          1. Pink Holo
          2. Chunky Holo Bluebell
          3. Chunky Holo Purple 
          4. Aurora
          5. Twinkly Love
          6. Vegas Night
          7. Holo Chrome
          8. Pearl Silver
          9. Melon Green 
          10. Chunky Holo Black
        • Hard Candy: 2
          1. Beetle x2
          2. Fabuluxe
        • Maybelline: 2 
          1. Blaze of Blue
          2. Ice Princess 
        • Essie: 2
          1. a cut above 
          2. shine of time
        • Nars: 1
          1. Super Orgasm 
        • NYC: 1
          1. Starry Silver Glitter
                      TOTAL:  193

                PS. Im doing a nail polish diet this month! Only nail polish that are 50% off can come home, else it has to stay! 
                I got the idea from Lizzy O. from The Do It Yourself Lady, saw it from Noelia on her FB page and gave me the idea, so we both (should be) following the diet ^^ 
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                Sosa07ac said...

                I'm on this diet too. And I'm craving nail polishes....!!!!

                PrincessPoly430 said...

                Im on a food diet...Not a nail polish diet lolz

                KarenD said...

                Interesting diet--I'm not sure I could stick to it, though. :)

                Nolitoshy said...

                the diet resulted in me doing frankens! lol I needed something new, and I should really not buy anymore for a while, since I'm REALLY broke so doing frankens is a really good idea to use the np you haven't used in a while or even save the one's that are messed up. :D

                Lizzy O. said...

                Oh Wee,Glad to hear a lot of you ladies are doing the challenge. :-D

                Not to toot my own horn, but I started the challenge and it's so good to read that a lot of people are doing it too. You should display the badge on your page. i have a badge on the right hand of my blog if you want to display it on your blog. :-)

                Stay strong ladies.

                Oh and I love your list of polishes so far. :-)

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