Hello everyone! I'm Désirée - LadyLuck.  I'm a common girl from Puerto Rico who likes a lot of stuff. Since I was 12 years old I started to like nail polishes.  My best friend and I had a big passion for it and used to walk every day to our local pharmacy to get cheap $1 polishes, even so, we were really happy about it haha!  When I was growing up I forgot the passion I had for nail polishes and I started to play more video games than ever, I was a bit tomboy.

Later on when I was 20 my passion for makeup started to grew up thanks to YouTube Gurus like panacea81, MissChievous and vintageortacky. I started to subscribe me to many gurus but those first were my inspiration to start trying new things with makeup. This made a recall to my polishes passion and I started to get back in place.

I’m simple and realistic and I love sharing my passion, taste and talent with the people.  I'm 28 years old college student who love nail polishes and makeup and yeah, I still use my Converse and play video games ;) 

About LadyLuck Beauty Blog:
I made this blog to show everyone that there's no reason or excuse to never look prettier than you are.  Here I'm going to show you some beauty tips; makeup looks, nail arts and manicures that I have learned from my experiences. There's no need for expensive makeup, polishes or a good talent to make yourself look good, it’s all about having fun and feeling confident.  Cheer up girls! Let’s try new beauty stuff together!

Thank you so much for the visit!
Désirée (LadyLuck)

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