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Flowers 101

Spreading the love for the spring season with this cute flowers nail art tutorial.

Pink and Black

This pink and black look for your nails is great for every day wear.

Revlon Girly

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March 22, 2016

BvS Wonder Woman makeup tutorial

Hello everyone! 

Here's my version of Wonder Woman from Batman VS Superman. Her makeup is really simple, she looks really natural and that's what I tried to recreate. 
Wonder Woman been my favorite hero since few years ago. My fiance introduced me to the DC universe and the new relationship between Wonder Woman and Superman in the "New 52". From there we cosplayed them as a couple and now friends knows us as "Wonder Woman and Superman", "Power Couple", "Super Wonder couple" and so on. 

Thanks a lot to Oskar from Vikar for making this video possible!

I hope you like this video, is my first makeup tutorial ever! Be nice and dont forget to like and subscribe! 

March 11, 2016

Retro Rosie, Sweet Tooth & Love Bombs

Good afternoon everyone! I hope you all are having a great day! 
Today we have a Sinfulcolors remix manicure.  Inspired by Sinfulcolors "Love Bombs" I created this combo. 

First lets talk about each color:
"Retro Rosie" is a pink polish full of "white" shimmer but it also looks a bit of holo. Is hard to tell by the pictures but in real person looks so pretty. I got "Retro Rosie" during fall 2015. I used 2 coats, it was thick but easy to apply.  
"Sweet Tooth" is a light purple or lilac color that has a delicate shimmer, barely unseen. This one is more tricky to apply and less thick. 
"Love Bombs" This one is beautiful. This glitter has pink and lilac round glitters and some (almost unseen) blue hearts shaped glitters in a clear base with purple shimmer.  I couldn't pick any heart glitter but I used blue heart shape rhinestones instead.  

I really like this combo, is so pretty, girly and delicate. 

Do you have any of this colors? 

March 9, 2016

What's she Dune?

Hello, I hope you all are having a great week! Today I'm here to show you China Glaze "What's she Dune?"  This is a nude nail polish and only needed two coats. Since I'm not use to nude colors I stamped red flowers and lose glitters all over my nails to make it look more fun. 

Im really impressed about how smooth and easy was the application.  I have to admit I had some troubles with the stamping and the design wasn't exactly what I wanted but red and nude looks so pretty. I used Konad M3 plate for stamping with their Ruby Red stamping nail polish. 

Whats your favorite nude nail polish?

March 3, 2016

Nail polish sale

I'm starting to sell some of my nail polish and I will be adding a  few more as I sort through my collection. I am mostly selling ones that I have more than one of the same color or that I am not using or that I don't like anymore. Please take a look below for the current nail polishes being sold and for any additional information or questions please comment below. (Please give it a moment to load.)

Shipping is not included.Will add more later on.
Thank You!

February 23, 2016

New Instagram

Hello! I have a new Instagram account, this one will be more oriented towards my YouTube channel and my beauty blog. To follow me, here is the link:

Thank you! See you there!

February 15, 2016

Colorina 3D - Rainbow Effect Hologram Effect - Black

Happy Valentines day! 
Almost a year I ago Colorina released a holo collection, from the collection I only got three, one of those is "Black."  

Colorina Hologram Effect Black
I love black polish and Holo is one of my favorite effects on nail polish but sadly is not easy to find. So this one was a perfect combo! They also have pink, blue, green, red, yellow, etc.  I would love to get the red one since the other 2 I got are pink (will post about them soon.)  Anyways, lets talk about "Black", this nail polish is beautiful! I love how it looks under the sun. I went to the beach last weekend and OMG I couldn't stop looking at my nails haha! 

Colorina Hologram Effect Black
To my bigger toe I added a silver holo butterfly sticker from the Sleeping Beauty nail art kit. It needed 3 coats but I have notice most of the time my toes require 3 to 4 coats, I dont know why, maybe because I suck at painting my toes nails :D But I believe with 2 coats (on your hands) you are good to go. Ah! Can you believe it only cost $3?!? God bless that price!  

I haven't tried this on my hands nails, but is on my coming soon along with the pink ones. 

Arecibo, PR

February 13, 2016

Orly Mirrorball

"I came in like a MIRRORBALL!!!" Oops! Wrong ball! 

Hello once again, few weeks ago I posted about my Sally haul, there I mention I got Orly Mirrorball.  I was dying to get one sooo bad! So I finally got it and use it :) I couldn't wait to try it and I had this manicure for like a week, that's a lot for me because normally I have my manicure for 4 days or so. 

Nothing much, just used it on it own with some red hearts from SE21 stamping plate.  I really love how this look, Im sorry my phone camera doesn't do any justice to the magical unicorn rainbow that is going on :( 

If any of you have it, share your photos so I can see them :) 

February 7, 2016

February date

Hello readers! Once a month my fiance and I like to go out for a special date. We call it monthiversary and is when we celebrate our relationship monthly and that we are alive and together. Normally what we do is go out (breakfast, lunch, brunch or dinner) spend the day together and afte we exchange small presents.  We been doing this for over 2 years and I also see it as a great opportunity to dress pretty and do my makeup. 
*In one of those date is how I got engage ;) 

For this month (February) we went to the south, Ponce! We are from the San Juan and it took us about 1hr and a half to get there. We went to "Con Leche cafe bar & bistro" the place was really simple, the service was ok but the food was AMAZING!  

I will share with you few photos of our date:

Our food @ "Con Leche"

We really had a great time, the food was nice and the road was really pretty and smooth.  If you have never celebrated a monthiversary with your partner, I really recommend it to you because is a great opportunity to have date, spend the day together and sometimes it happens that you are at the store, find something cute for your love one but dont know when or how give it to him/her.  Plus it can help the relationship grow.  Whenever is possible, pick a place, keep the present for that special date, get pretty and go out! You will thank me later! 

I hope you had fun reading this post.
Do you date monthly? weekly? Whats your best relationship advice?

February 3, 2016

Kiko Makeup swatches and Review

Hello readers! Few months ago we finally got a Kiko store here @ Puerto Rico! Yay!  The first time I went there was with my fiance, I dont know why, I wasnt impress with what I saw but the second time I went with my best friend I ended up buying few things. 

First of all, they had a 65% off (winter sale) so basically I got all this products for $11 + tax! The eyeshadows where $8 regular price and I cant remember how much it was the Mixing Solution but it was like $3!  I went for products that I dont have and I tried them at the store first before buying to make sure it was worth it, even if it was $2- $3 each product.  I got three eyeshadows and one mixing solution pot. The eyeshadows are Kiko 264 Infinity High pigment eyeshadow, 408 Infinity+ Sparkle eyeshadow and 290 Infinity High pigment eyeshadow. I notice they use numbers instead of "names" for the eye shadows. 

The Kiko Mixing Solution is to be used with pigments, eyeshadows, glitters and so on.  The first time I used I wasn't sure of the texture and I used more than I should on my eyeshadow brush, so what I did was clean a bit the excess with a towel.

Swatches on bare skin, no primer!

Kiko 264 Infinity High pigment eyeshadow is teal matte with gold glitters, the texture is creamy and felt really soft.
Kiko 408 Infinity+ Sparkle eyeshadow is my favorite one, this one is gorgeous! Is a metallic aqua color, with a bit of gold shimmer. I used this one with the Mixing Solution and love it! Really pigmented, soft and no fallout. 
Kiko 290 Infinity High pigment eyeshadow is dark grey with some pale silver glitters. Same as the others, creamy, pigmented and soft. 

Swatches with flash to appreciate all the glitters! The swatches where on bare skin with no primer. 

This is my first time using Kiko and I can say I really like what I got and that I'm impress. It is a little bit more expensive than drugstore but their sales are amazing! 

Do you own any Kiko product? Any recommendation? Dont forget to let me know you been reading this post :) 

February 2, 2016

Sexy Lace (Valentine Manicure #2)

Hello! Here's my second Valentine manicure entry.  This time I went for something more bold. My first Valentine manicure had light colors and I named "Love Letter."  For this one I wanted something red, black and sexy.  I got inspired by the red with lace lingerie at Victoria Secrets.

For this manicure I used:
Formula X Base Coat
China Glaze With Love (2 coats)
Wet n' Wild Fergie No Place Like Home (2 coats)
Sinfulcolors Black on Black (for stamping)
Stamping Plate hehe018
Nina Ultra Pro Super Dry Top Coat 

I been feeling kinda unlucky lately with stamping and Im trying to practice more since I have about 10 stamping plate without using. Any nail stamping tips are really welcome.

Thank you for passing by, let me know you saw this post :) Have a nice day!

January 26, 2016

New babies at home!

OMG! It feels like 2 months since the last time I went nail polish shopping.  I always like to take a break from buying nail polish because I have A LOT of untried (3 shoe boxes). Now I'm trying to use as many as I can in a manicure or pedicure.  I'm would like to go from 573 to 300 or less since my fiance and I gonna move soon and it will be easier to have less nail polish.  I think I'm failing my mission since my last buy was on December (6), November (7) and September (15).  Yup I'm failing... #foreverfailing lol. This month I got 5 from Sally Supply, they are have a sale section I like to check it out every time I got because they always have great deals. 

China Glaze "Brand Sparkling New Year" ($2.49) Orly "Mirrorball" ($7.49) and China Glaze "I Soiree I Didnt Do It" ($2.49)

China Glaze "Whats She Dune?""Rain Dance The Night Away" and "The Heat is On"
This one came with a bonus Stripe Rite in black for $7.99

I really hope to use them all real soon, right now I'm wearing Orly Mirrorball because it was on my wish list and I couldn't wait to try it. I will post some photos and review real soon.

Do you have any of this on your stash or wish list? 

Thanks for passing by! See ya next time!


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