Hello! As you guys now I'm a Wonder Woman lover and cosplayer.  Walgreen's released a Wonder Woman beauty collection during Spring 2016.  I took whatever I could because I was really excited! I'm so in love of this two nail polish I got from this collection, Lady Truth and Wonder Woman.

Lady Truth is the perfect Wonder Woman red, it just needed two coats, it was creamy, easy to apply and opaque.  I used Wonder Woman as a glitter top coat and OMG THIS IS BEAUTIFUL! This scream WONDER WOMAN! Is red glitter on a clear base, together with yellow stars and blue glitters, just perfect. 

I really love both but I have to say Wonder Woman is my favorite of this pair. I really love it and I got a second bottle after it went on clearance. I cant wait to paint my nails with them both again <3 p="">
Thanks for passing by!

Who's your favorite super hero?

PS. I will be moving this next days, it might be hard for me to post while I get a computer since I been using a borrowed laptop. 
Snow Globetrotter by OPI is a glitter polish with white and iridescent hexagonal shape glitter. The white glitter is big and small, the iridescent glitter is beautiful, over black can look purple, blue, orange, green, yellow, just like a rainbow. I only used two coats over white, black and bare nails.



This is perfect for winter manicure. 
Hello everyone! I know it's been awhile since the last blog post.  My laptop power supply was damaged so I had to order another one (from eBay) and it took 2 weeks to arrive. Anyways, I hope everything is good and everyone is ok.  

One of my favorite stores so visit is HotTopic, been buying there since I was in high school and a lot has changed lately. I remember for that time, I used to buy their makeup but now since Im more into makeup I buy from other stores.  I always visit HotTopic and see whats new, and I have notice I really like their nail polish. Those that come in a skull shape crystal bottle. They have pretty "unique" colors and some of them looks similar to other brands. That's why I been posting about Black Heart Beauty nail polishes, because I really like how awesome and unique they are. 

I bought "Silver Splatter" long ago and since it sheers I wanted to tried over different colors, in this case, black, white and natural nail color. This polish has silver round glitter in a shimmer base that looks pink and purple. 


Has you can see looks pretty sheer on natural nail, mostly silver and white. On black looks duochrome, looks pink, purple and blue with silver glitter.  On white looks the same as in natural nail but less sparkly.


I took a photo under the sunlight to appreciate more the shimmer and colors. Overall I really like how it looks with black and is a good brand. 

Thank you for passing by!
Gaston, Dulsura sounds funny haha! But I like to mix the nail polish names into the blog title.

For this manicure I used Orly "Gaston" from the Beauty and the Beast Collection and Colorina "Dulsura". "Gaston" is a soft coral color with gold flakes, is beautiful, I love the color combination of peach and gold. Since I wanted to add extra glitter on the accent nail, I used Dulsura by Colorina, this has warm iridescent glitter with soft pink hearts. I used 2 coats for each of them. 

Thank you for passing by! Have a great day! 
Hello readers! Today I gonna show you one of the most pretty and girly combo ever!

Bettina Clouds as a base color; is white (a bit sheer) nail polish. I used 2 coats, I love this nail polish, is one of my favorite whites. 
Essence Glitz & Glam as a glitter top coat; this is an interesting glitter. It has light pink glitter in different sizes and tiny glitters that depending on the light it can look green, pink or clear.  I used 2 coats. 

Have a great day! 
Good afternoon, today we have Yellow Out There by Sinful Colors. 
"Yellow Out There" by Sinful Colors is a yellow jelly nail polish with some holo glitter. I used 3 coats and top it with Seche Vite. I kinda like it, but is too sheer for me, next time I may try it with a yellow cream base. 

Thank you for passing by! Have a great day!
Hello! I want to share with you my experience about creating my most recent cosplay of Wonder Woman from the Batman vs Superman movie for Puerto Rico Comic Con (biggest cosplay event in PR).

First of all, I gonna talk a little bit about other cosplays I have done. 


I started doing cosplay back in 2013 for the Puerto Rico Comic con. The idea was born when some friends of mine, asked me to do as Lara Croft (new game back then). I told them I would do it if they help me and they did. *Bonus info* I met my husband during that event (Superman MoS).  In 2014 I created (with husband and a friend help) Wonder Woman New 52. My husband is a Superman lover and he wanted us to cosplay together as a couple. In the new 52 comics Wonder Woman and Superman are couple *yay!*  Took a break from 2014 to 2016 when we decided to go for the BvS cosplays.  . 

Wonder Woman: Batman vs Superman 
We decided to create this cosplay 4 weeks before Comic Con 2016. It was a huge challenge but we were up for it. First of all we took a look to different photos of her new costume. 

Photo found online

Comparing to the New 52 version this one has so many details, after looking to different photos we almost gave up without starting. I was really scare of this costume, the making, the wear test and the big event. 
Superman & Wonder Woman New 52

We started by buying a red corset, but her new dress is not bright red... So we had to dye it with black dye and got a deep red, exactly what we were looking.

Since we were short of time, I couldn't create the armor effect but instead, I painted them with acrylic paint. 

Not perfect but is something

For the skirt I bought black vinyl with leather effect and paint it metallic blue. For the patrons, we used a computer program named Pepakura, we downloaded WW costume in it and from there we started to cut everything with my measurements.  

Skirt Results (behind)
All the "armor" was created with foamy, yes... thin foam because we were so short of time that we couldn't order it online and it seems PR doesn't know about other foams haha! The most complicated thing of this dress was her boots. It was so hard for us to keep them in place, we tried many glues and the pieces we falling apart anyways. So we had to use different glues and methods to make it work. 


The Lasso of Truth 
Was created with leather and twinkled lights. The lights were white and I couldn't find anything in yellow so I painted them with yellow nail polish. 

 Shield and Sword
I had no idea how to create those and since we were running out of time, the best we could do was buying both items online. Funny thing is, we almost didn't get it, the items arrived 2 days BEFORE Comic Con.

Puerto Rico Comic Con 2016: The big day!
We went there with a group from the Justice League. We had Batman, Superman (my husband), Aquaman (my best friend's husband), Mera (my best friend) and Wonder Woman (me). I was so nervous because I knew I wouldn't be the only one as WW that day. I already saw photos the day before of other girls looking great and that was making me more nervous than ever! 

People loved us! They were screaming for us!

Superman, WW, Batman, Aquaman, Mera

Makeup look 

Full look

I really love this cosplay, sadly some of the pieces got damaged during the event. For next year I will upgrade it for the Wonder Woman movie and the Justice League movie, but this time I will use better foam and better techniques. With every cosplay I learn something new and Im looking forward to keep cosplaying different versions of Wonder Woman together with my husband as Supmerman. We are a team and we always work as a team and that's how we make everything happen. 
Follow me on my Instagram (ladyluckbeauty) to see more photos of the making and PRCC. You can also follow me on snapchat (ladyluck277) for my silly adventures, 
Hello everyone! 

Here's my version of Wonder Woman from Batman VS Superman. Her makeup is really simple, she looks really natural and that's what I tried to recreate. 

Wonder Woman been my favorite hero since few years ago. My fiance introduced me to the DC universe and the new relationship between Wonder Woman and Superman in the "New 52". From there we cosplayed them as a couple and now friends knows us as "Wonder Woman and Superman", "Power Couple", "Super Wonder couple" and so on. 

Thanks a lot to Oskar from Vikar for making this video possible!

I hope you like this video, is my first makeup tutorial ever! Be nice and don't forget to like and subscribe! 

Good afternoon everyone! I hope you all are having a great day! 
Today we have a Sinfulcolors remix manicure.  Inspired by Sinfulcolors "Love Bombs" I created this combo. 

First lets talk about each color:
"Retro Rosie" is a pink polish full of "white" shimmer but it also looks a bit of holo. Is hard to tell by the pictures but in real person looks so pretty. I got "Retro Rosie" during fall 2015. I used 2 coats, it was thick but easy to apply.  
"Sweet Tooth" is a light purple or lilac color that has a delicate shimmer, barely unseen. This one is more tricky to apply and less thick. 
"Love Bombs" This one is beautiful. This glitter has pink and lilac round glitters and some (almost unseen) blue hearts shaped glitters in a clear base with purple shimmer.  I couldn't pick any heart glitter but I used blue heart shape rhinestones instead.  

I really like this combo, is so pretty, girly and delicate. 

Do you have any of this colors? 

Hello, I hope you all are having a great week! Today I'm here to show you China Glaze
"What's she Dune?"  This is a nude nail polish and only needed two coats. Since I'm not
used to nude colors I stamped red flowers and lose glitters all over my nails to make
it look more fun. 

I'm really impressed with how smooth and easy the application was. I have to admit that I had some trouble with the stamping and the design wasn't exactly what I wanted but red and nude looks so pretty. I used Konad M3 plate with the Ruby Red stamping nail polish for the flower stamping.

Whats your favorite nude nail polish?
Hello! I have a new Instagram account, this one will be more oriented towards my YouTube channel and my beauty blog. To follow me, here is the link: https://www.instagram.com/ladyluckbeauty

Thank you! See you there!
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