I give you the moon and the stars

Ok not really, but if it was possible I would give a start to every one of you, my followers :) 

Today I gonna show you a rare polish, I haven't seen this in other blogs (correct me if I'm wrong).  Is Nabi and the only one i have is named Pink M. Star.  This  polish has stars and moon glitter shape full of multicolored (i know there's a better name, but i don't have it on my head at the moment)  tiny glitters in a jelly pink base. 
I used 3 coats to make sparkly, my nail looks like if they were fake, I have a lot of polish on them making them look thick.  1 coat of base coat, 3 coats of the glitter polish and 2 coats of top coat. 

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Irishenchantment said...

this is so cute i love it :)

shel xx

Anonymous said...

I love this polish! Super Cute!

Jossie said...

Q bello, se ve bien girly!!!!

♥ Claire ♥ said...

So cute :)

Andi said...

I was just talking about needing a glitter with stars & moons today! That's so pretty - where did you find this polish?

Roxanne said...

bello! mira que lo he visto en la farmacia y lo veo tan cute pero nunca me lo llevo; pero ahora si! bien coppy-cat :P

LadyLuck said...

@Andi: I got it in PR from a random beauty supply.

Shaniece L. said...

I love glitter polish and I love this look! <3

I'm awarding you Best Blog award! :) You can look here.

Much love,
- Shaniece

GothamPolish said...

Stars AND moons?! What a winning polish!

laheelahee said...

ooh so pretty!!!

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