Avon Matte Nail Enamel

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This is the first time Avon release Matte finish polishes.  There was 3 colors: black, red and purple.  I  ordered Violetta since it was the most interesting one.   The application was nice, but didn't last much like I would like (2days with no chipping) probably because I didn't use a top coat. This pictures are 2 coats without top coat.

About the last picture: I passed by the Konad kiosk and the girl who was working there wanted to do a demonstration in my nails.  I chose the stars and at the end she applied top coat, this polish also look real pretty with a glossy look.

Esta es la primera ves que Avon saca esmaltes con acabado matte.  Habían 3 colores: negro, rojo y violeta.  Ordene el violeta por que fue el que mas me llamo la atención.  La aplicación es muy buena pero no duro tanto como esperaba (quizás por que no use un top coat). 

 Do you have one of this Avon Matte Nail Polishes?

Thx for reading~
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Anonymous said...

I got all 3 colours and find they peel BADLY no matter what I do, no top coat, top coat, it doesn't matter. Annoys me cuz I LOVE the black :(

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