Savvy Red Caviar

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Here's Savvy Red Caviar with pretty holo stars :)
Red Caviar its burgundy with dark magenta shimmer, the applications was smooth, needed 3 coats and with no top coat has a nice glossy look, in the pictures I used 2 coats of Top Coat.  This polish looks creamy in normal light (like u can see in the indoor pictures) but outside you can see all the shimmer. 



Picture taken with flash, better appreciation of the holo stars and the dark magenta shimmer.

Why the holo stars? Well I got a package of tinny stars from a craft store, I was excited to use it and since this polish is really dark, the stars just pop enough to show up. 

Double Rainbow O_O

Bunch of stars right? and just for $2.99!  The best part is there's different shapes and colors at the same price, I might come back later and get more.  

Oh! I also got this in there:
This remind me of Cherry Blossoms (Sakura)

I've seen this at Sally Supply for $4 it doesn't have more than this small bag that contain 200 acrylic flowers!  Theres more colors and stars. 

Las chicas que son de Puerto Rico, aprovechen y vallan a Capri, ya que es bien pocas las veces cuando ellos vuelven a traer el mismo producto (en el area de manualidades).

What kind of shape and colors Acrylic or glitter you would like to see?
Thanks for coming, have a good day!
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