Do you like purple + holo glitter?

If you do, this polish is great for you!

I know I know the picture is a bit dark, don't blame me, blame my sister camera that take pictures too dark in my room.  But don't worry, I got more pictures of this beautiful polish.  

Double rainbow :O

This is my actual mani, I love this polish and I'm considering about getting a 2nd bottle (just in case).  This is 3 coats of Purple-Xing (from Nina, Ultra Pro) and 3 coats of top coat of Bettina High Gloss (my top coat isn't the best for glitters, too thin.)  This polish is a bit jelly but also duo chrome, if you see closely, you can see some blue. The application was really nice but the texture at the end is a bit grainy. 

I never seen a polish like this, what about you?

What top coat do you recommend me for this kind of polish?
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ChaosButterfly said...

This is so of my favorite purple glitters.
I definitely recommend a thick, high gloss topcoat, to help with the grittiness and to enhance the glitter. Something similar to Seche Vite, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri, or Poshe.

LadyLuck said...

Oh thanks! Problem with VS is that the bottle is too small for $9, I been looking for Sally Hansen Insta-dri one, I will try to get it because i need a top coat asap! The one I use is good for simple manis. Abuot Poshe... never heard of it O.o

Ice Queen said...

Wow, that is pretty!

For topcoat, I recommend Seche Vite. It does a great job smoothing bumpy and grainy glitter polishes and leaves behind mad shine that just enhances the sparkle.

Seche can cause shrinkage of some polishes but overall, it is my number one topcoat.

LadyLuck said...

Wow thats another point for SV :O

Silence is Loud said...

omg, this is pretty!! I only used OPI topcoat, and it works well for me. =)

And nice to meet you!! =D

Nicole - Top To Toe said...

Ahhhhh snap! I bought this polish yesterday :-) looks lovely on you xx

Charlotte Sparkle said...


GothamPolish said...

WOW this is a great color!

Andi said...

I have Purple X-ing and I haven't worn it yet. I MUST wear it now - it looks great!

KarenD said...

Of course I have this one--purple and glitter are two of my favorite things. :) I use SH Insta Dri top coat on pretty much everything. I usually have an older bottle around when I need a really thick tc, as it will thicken up as the level in the bottle goes down and it's exposed to more air (you can thin it with thinner, of course).

LadyLuck said...

@Andi, yeah you have to wear it asap! Is to pretty and i dont wanna remove it :(

@Karen, I have Orly thinner, I use it for all my polishes when it start to get ugly (thick). I used an old top coat that is a bit thick and it worked! And now that u mention that, i will keep all my old top coats lol!

But anyways I need a new one and all your recommendations are really important to me because I will be getting a new TC next week (maybe) so lets see what I pick!

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