Ho Ho Ho! Merry Midnight! (?)

Yeah, you read that right, Merry Midnight by O.P.I. is our star in this post.

Lets talk about it, Merry Midnight its like purple/plum polish with a lot of things going on. We have a jelly base with blue glitter and some multi-tone flakes that change from orange to green depending on the view. 
I took a lot of pictures, that way you can see whats going on there hehe! (Picture were taken in the 2nd day after application).

Merry Midnight es un esmalte violeta/plum con muchas cosas pasando en el mismo.  Es de base jelly con brillos azules y unos pedacitos de otro tipo de brillo que dependiendo del punto de vista cambia se ve diferente. Tome muchas fotos pata que puedan ver lo que esta pasando hehe! (Las fotos fueron tomadas en el 2do dia luego de la aplicación)

First time I do a close up picture, but is the best way to see it.

  • What I don't like about: Watery formula, took me 3-4 coats make it look opaque, even so, under the sun or flash looks like its needed more. It soaked my cuticles, making the application proses a pain. I think i would reather use it over black or some plum purple.
  • What I like: LOOKS AWESOME! I mean, I love how unique this polish look I cant stop looking at it even with all thise fails and issues. This was my first OPI polish i took at the store before the other three.
  • Lo que no me  gusta: la formula es muy aguada, necesite de 3- 4 capas para que se viera opaco y aun asi bajo el sol o con flash se ve que necesita mas.  Me inundo las cutículas, esto haciendo el poseso de aplicación mas difícil.  Creo que para la próxima lo usare sobre negro o algún violeta oscuro.
  • Lo que me gusta: SE VE SUPER COOL! Osea, amo lo unico que es este color y no puedo dejar de mirarlo a pesar de todas sus fallas.  Este fue el primer esmalte OPI que tome en la tienda antes de escoger los otros tres.
What I used:
Sally Hansen Hard as Nail (base coat) + OPI Merry Midghtnight + Bettina High Gloss Top Coat

 Thanks for the visit! See ya next time!

Do you have this polish? How would you use this polish, over black or  purple?
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Beauty Addict said...

I love the colour too! Maybe if you use it on top of another opaque colour, it would help?

LadyLuck27 said...

yeah, probably over plum or black.

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