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Hello everyone! Today guest is my friend Lorena.  She loves purple and just for fun, we added a holographic hearts shape glitter.

For this we used Nina Ultra Pro Royal Purple nail polish and the heart shape glitter from eBay 
About Royal Purple: is one of those polish that is really hard for me to work with.  I used 3 coats and there was still some bald spots as you can see on the pics.  I have tried all and get same results.  Any of you have this polish and got same issue? Please let me know! 

Thanks for passing by! See ya next time! 
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Nolitoshy said...

a mi me paso con Daddy's Girl... le di una base blanca y ayudo bastante.

Jossie said...

Barielle Camouflage o trataste poner OPI bubble bath como nail underwear, eso ayuda con los esmaltes aguados..Esta chulisimo el color!

imfeelingnail-venturous said...

very cute!

beachgal said...

It's a great shade - but the brand is cheap for a reason. I still buy colors from it as they have some great ones. Their creams are more opaque right off - but ones that have anything in them like this one does that is unique tend to be watery.

BTW - know you have recovered from Irene but wow is it making a big impact on the East coast of the states now...cannot belive NYC is in a few mins. going to shut down all the mass transit - no buses - no subway - it's all closing. Seels really wild. Hopefully it does miss NYC as far as a direct hit - I don't think the flying debris will be really dangerous with all the high rises. I live were we are built for thse kind of storms - but NYC freaks when they have 6" of snow!

LadyLuck said...

@beachgal: Irene was a harsh impact for us, we weren't ready, we knew about it Saturday night and Sunday morning it was already a storm going to be hurricane on our heads, needless to say, that screw us really bad. My family wasn't ready at all, we had lots of floods and the rain was like never ending until Tuesday almost Wednesday.

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