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You got a job interview coming but you have no idea how to dress, what makeup use or your nails.   Remember depending on the company is how your image should be.  

These tips are based on personal experience, on what I learned on Human Resource class and some search I made before.

·         Makeup:
o   Keep it natural and soft.  We need to keep it soft and professional.   Use neutral colours; charcoal, brown, grey, cream…  

Estee Lauder  Pure color eyeshadow Sage Light / Sage Dark / Mink / San Box 

 Dark brown, gold, vanilla 

This is my friend Lorena, I made this makeup look on her, she work as  Interior Designer,
this is the kind of makeup she can use.  

Purple, brown, gold, vanilla...

Products used: Avon Medium Beige Compact Foundation, Maybelline Great lash blackest black mascara,
Cover Girl Creamy Beige powder, Avon Mocha Latte lip gloss, Wet n' Wild Kitten eyeshadow,
Sephora Meteor Shower Mineral shadow, 120 palette. 

Light brown, vanilla, beige...

Cover Girl  eyeshadow quad 215

Soft brown and soft pink...

Elizabeth Arden Pink Clover eyeshadow duo

·          Nails
o   Keep it clean and simple. Short nails look more professional.
o   Hydrate your skin


My sister nails :)

·         Cloths
o   Avoid black and white. Black represents a strong persona.   Try navy blue and soft colors.
o   Don’t wear jeans and use proper shirt and confortable shoes, avoid too high heels.
o   Interview for a fashion store? There you can dress a bit more with the store style.  Keep it simple and proper, in this cases you can use jeans with a pretty but proper shirt, remember, shirt must be long enough to cover your lower back area when you sit.  
o   Avoid showing off your chest/breast area.

·         Tips
o   Be yourself
o   Read information about the company. Be sure to know everything, including the company goals, history, merchandise and services. 
o   The first impression is what talks about you.
o   Smile and stay relax
o   DO NOT sit until the interviewer ask you. Sit straight and keep your bag in your lap. 
o   Answer only what they ask you.  Don’t give extra details or more information; they want simple and fast answers.
o   Never talk negative about your past work, co-workers, bosses or even yourself.
o   Avoid your hair getting on your face; try to use bobby clips or something proper to hold it.  This way you have your face clear of any hair and avoid you of playing with it. Playing with your hair can show you’re nervous or being distracted. 
o   Eat 1hr before you leave home. This will help you to avoid any “random” stomach pain by being nervous.  If you feel to nervous take  pepto bismol pills (trust me, it will help with any stomachache) 
o   Is a good idea to study the employees, look at what they do, how they look, how they talk to their boss and what kind of stuffs they do.
o   Don’t eat gum. That looks bad!

Remember: Don't be late! Try to be there 30mins to 15 mins before the interview start. 

I hope this information and tips help you with your job interview.  Good luck everyone! 
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Anonymous said...

Great post! Lots of great tips!

Roxanne said...

te felicito chica, un post super completo!

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