Nail Polish List - December/2011


Here's my nail polish list of 2011. I ended the year with 158 nail polish. I started 2011 (<-- see comparison) with 91, means i got 67 nail polish during 2011 (that's aprox 5 per month). I don't wanna think about how much money I spent on it.  But this year, will be my saving money year, so I hope I don't spent much on nail polish, I wanna travel and visit friends... that's my 2012 resolution.  There will be a blog sale not related to nail polish or makeup, but with some hand made things I been doing. More details soon.  Also, I would like to change my blog a bit, Any suggestions are welcome!

Dont forget to click on the names for swatch/reviews. 

  • Claire's: 5
    • Starstruck
    • Chunky Purple
    • Magic
    • Chunky Blue 
    • Glitter Top Coat 
  • Icing: 7
    • Blackout
    • St. Bart
    • Silver Spray Paint 
    • Midnight at Time Square 
    • 4am Dance Party 
    • Tag me Pink
    • New York Graffiti 
  • HotTopic: 3
    • Glow in the dark
    • Neon red
    • Metallic Fuchsia 
  • Maybelline: 2 
    • Blaze of Blue
    • Ice Princess 
          TOTAL:  158
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    DIY...Beauty Tips said...

    wow!!! i cant believe how much nail polishes you have!! you should do more makeup!!!

    Nails.N.Details said...

    This will be interesting! I sent you an award at

    Kia - Nails n' cupcakes said...

    I think my nailpolish collection grew with over 150 this year! Your list is great!

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