Cutie - Toes edition

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Hello! I hope you are doing great!

Few months ago I went to Seattle, Washington. Along my travels over there, I took the opportunity and went shopping for other types of nail polish and clothes that I do not regularly come across.  One of the nail polish that I purchased is titled: "Cutie" by L.A. Colors. I gave myself a pedicure recently and wanted to apply something soft for my toes. I don't usually post this kind of post but since "Cutie" looks so cute (Pun intended) here's some photos.

L.A. Colors "Cutie"  is a light purple jelly nail polish full of white and blue round glitters in different sizes. It also has silver stars that are not hard to catch compared to the one from HotTopic I posted before. 

I thought I would need 2 coats but, I ended up with 4 and it still looked sheer (transparent). I might try it on my nails soon to see how it looks and works best. I used Nina Ultra pro fast dry top coat to finish it. I don't remember how much it cost me, I believe I got it from Dollar Tree store so if that's the case it was $1.
Thank you for passing by! Have a great day!
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