Fauna - Makeup Look

This is the makeup look I did using Fauna: 


This is why I love Fauna :)
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Diane Cristi said...


beachgal said...

This is a great look on you! I am noticing I really now have to curb the sparkle on my lids - not getting it into or over the crease of my eye lid - I never thought I had droopy eyelids from age, but they are going south I guess. I only notice it when I really look at the extra skin now in the outer edges of my eyes - and then the little extra skin that now is in that area from brow to crease line of my eyes. Not a wrinkle in site however which is GREAT and I attribute that not to genes as I come from a wrinkled mess of ladies that got that way really young too. I know it's my watching not being too animated with repetitive wrinkling of my eyes, brows, etc. I also started really early in my late 20's with what anti-aging skin care was out there. Soon as I saw any little 1 line (not 11's in my case)...I really stopped squinting over my microscope at work & used what then was the early release of a few alpha hydroxy kind of products. Knocked down that 1 ASAP and never let it come back! I now know I need to go through my eye makeup and get rid of a lot of shimmery ones I have that I don't use often. Wow - it seems like it happened in just a very few months. Jaw line still tight however and no icky neck like I see on lots of women much younger than I am! Guess I am not ready for 'the home' yet! I can still 'sparkle' on my eyes if I keep it close to the lash line or just center of my lid.

LadyLuck said...

You can still use shimmer! Just use is as a "delicate touch" like u said! :) Remember age is about how you feel inside ;)

Anonymous said...

Where I can found it? I searched at Walgreens and Walmart but Im fail.

LadyLuck said...

I found it at Walgreens !

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