Valentine Day's Mani 4 ❤

Hello! Happy Valentine's Day! Here's one of the last Valentine's Mani I did.  This is my best friend nails, she was visiting Puerto Rico during a week in January.  The same day I did Lorena and Alejandra nails, I did Eunice nails.  Enjoy the pictures.

Sinfulcolors Feeling Great, Sally Hansen Lady Luck
 and ebay heat share glitters
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Jossie said...

Bien bello!!!

beachgal said...

This is the only color of the SH Gem Crush I picked up - it was a fast trip in and out when I saw them. They were new - had not been on blogs yet. Thought I would try one and see - and now, next to impossible to find them in stock anywhere! I love how you took a really thin art brush and did the very tip with Gem Crush & the stalk like thin lines on the accent nail. You're going to have a copy cat out here. I might try it with the new Colorstay Revlon super hot pink - forgetting the name of the color - think it's Passionate Pink. Been really impressed with the super long stay power of the new release formula on that. I need to take it off due to nail growth line vs. chipping/wear!

LadyLuck said...

Oooh! beachgal, send me the picture of it! I wanna see! and thank u so much :)

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