.99 cents shopping

Today I went to nail spree shopping with my friend Jossie from PinkBeauty.  We were looking for cheap (less then $2) but pretty nail items.  I got all excited about knowing that so close to my house theres a store selling KleanColor nail polish for $1.  I also got some nail art stickers and rhinestones, all for $1 each.  Enjoy the pictures.

Twinkle Love \ Holo Chrome \ Vegas Night
Melon Green \ Pearl Silver \ Aurora \ Chunky Holo Purple \ Chunky Holo Bluebell 

Been looking for it for weeks! Now I finally have a foundation brush :) 
Cant wait to start using it all!!!!
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beachgal said...

I did not know any stores in the states really cold Kleancolor - I never have seen any. I have to order it on line always and I surely don't get it for $1/bottle! They have some fun toppers I like and some really icky colors I don't like at all. But usually if I am going for a look that Kleancolor has - it's not going to be something I will necessarily wear a full bottle's worth anyway. Nice did of shopping1

DIY...Beauty Tips said...

i've never seen the kleancolor polishes on a store!!!! they are awesome!!!! loving the twinkle one!!!

Pinkbeauty_love said...

I love getting cheap nail polishes.I love the colors you got I also gotten some for a $1.It's great!

Leslie K. said...

Kleancolor is my favorite polish. Besides the strong scent it is awesome. Holochrome is a great color!!

Mrs. Doe said...

Esa brocha de ELF me encanta!

Katarinna said...

Great haul!

sarees said...

wow the "twinke love" seems to be so good. Ncie collections :)

cbaZaar Sarees

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