Say hello to my cats!

Here's my 3 black females cats.  Kelly, Negrita and Genesis.
[S]Aquí estan mis 3 gatas negras. Kelly, Negrita y Genesis. 

Kelly, the sleepy/lazy one.  She act like a kitty.  Shes 4yrs old.

Negrita, the hunter and house guardian.  Shes 6yrs old.

Genesis, part time hunter, she loves stay out of the house.  Shes 2yrs old.
  • Negrita: we got Negrita after our male cat died in an accident.  My sister was so sad that she got another cat (we though it was male, was 2 months old when it got home) I remember we gonna call him/her Socrates, we end up calling HER Negrita (means Blacky). 
  • Kelly: This story is kinda sad.  Some woman found her in a box at the street all wet.  Kelly was less than a month old.  The lady took the kitty to the pet shop, my sister was working there for the time and since it was too baby to eat by herself, my sister and friends started to take care of her giving the milk like a baby.  My family kept her.  
  • Genesis: My other sister took this cat from a friend of my friend who didn't have the permission to have at his house.  Later on my sister moved but cats aren't allowed, so ... family adopted her. 

  • Negrita: obtuvimos a Nerita después que nuestro gato macho muriera en un accidente.  Mi hermana quedo tan triste que consiguió otro gato (pensábamos que era macho, tenia 2 meses de edad cuando llego a casa) Recuerdo que lo íbamos a llamar Sócrates, pero terminamos llamándole negrita después de saber que era hembra.
  • Kelly: Esta historia es algo triste.  Una señora la encontró en una cajita toda mojada en la calle. Kelly tenia menos de un mes.  La señora llevo a la gatita al pet shop donde trabaja mi hermana para ese entonces y como era muy bebe no comía por ella misma, mi hermana y amigos decidieron cuidarla para darle la leche con un biberón como un bebe.  Mi familia la adopto.
  • Genesis: Mi otra hermana consiguió esta gatita de un amigo de mi amiga quien no podía tenerla por que no lo dejaban en su casa.  Después de eso mi hermana se mudó pero no permiten gatos.... mi familia también la adopto. 

 Do you have cats? How many?
Tienes gatos? Cuantos?
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maRyya said...

nice blog!
maybe you'll pass by mine and follow it too?


Serena said...

Awww...cute kitties! I have one cat who is three years old and her name is Misty. My boyfriend got her for me for Christmas almost 3 years ago.

Brooke said...

what lovely black cats!!! I have 5 cats (a lot!) - one of them is black :)

nihrida said...

Adorable cats you have. =)

Noelia said...

Yo no se si Kelly la encontraron en una caja y mojada.

LadyLuck27 said...

@ Serena: thats rly cute from him :)
@ Brooke: if this were my house, i would have 10 cats for sure!
@ Nihrida: thx u girl!

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