Pink and black makeup guide.

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I know I posted few days ago 2 different makeup looks with pink, black and silver.  I didn't told what I used and where, so here is.

120 Palette (black, white and the pink in the 2nd column 3 row)

EyeShadow By Sacha - Paparazzi (pink one)

Some random eyeshadow from Charlotte Russe, used to give more glitter.

HotTopic Eye Palette - Dark (Black and pink)
Here's where to apply them.

Also used: 
  • Clinique Concealer as base
  • White eye liner for the inner corner. (base)
  • Tape to make the sharp line (is the first u have to use before start applying the colors)
  • Estee Lauder Mascara
  • Glitter mascara (silver and black glitter)
  1. Used as a color base all over the eye lid
  2. Used over the #1 color
  3.  I started using this for a sketch of the black and blend it all over the crease. The black color in the 120 palette us a lot darker.
  4. Used to give a more deep look in the outer corner also used as a liner base, to give a more soft look. 
  5. I used this one in the eyebrow bone and inner corner.  Then applyed the lose powder shadow for a more glitter *magic* look.
  6. Used neon pink for a bright touch.
  7. For the liner, I used an angle brush, put some of the liner in the brush, its helps u to have more precision.  
  8. I applied glittery mascara but it doesn't show.  FAIL! 

Any questions let me know! 
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