2012 Top 10 Favorites


Products that I discovered during 2012 and since then, I cant live with out!

From May Haul : I love this products, I use the blush almost everyday.
Both of the nail polish are gorgeous and the lip gloss is pretty unique and super pigmented.
I like to use the cream eyeshadow for everyday looks.
My best friend, I use this bag almost everyday, it has so many
colors that I can combine with whatever!

TimeWise® Matte-Wear® Liquid Foundation - Cant live without it! Best foundation I had ever tried.  

Feels light, fresh and looks so pretty after application. 

This product saved my life! Thanks to this, I don't need to retouch (iron flat) my hair every morning .
It helps to keep it in place for days - love it!
ion shampoo and conditioner combo are perfect to keep my hair smooth and non freeze.
After washing hair, I used Kendi oil and then dry and flat my hair. It leave is super smooth and shining. 
This is my everyday mascara, my lashes looks really long and pretty with it. I really like it. 
LOREAL AUDACIOUS AMAZON'S POUT - MY NEW FAVORITE pink lipstick. I use it a lot for pin up look looks. 
Maybelline master drama by eyestudio Midnight - Recommended by Princess Poly,
my most have! I love the quality of this, creamy and long lasting. 
Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara - Black. When I go out and do a lot of makeup,
 I use this mascara, it make my lashes looks "fake" because them look long and with volume. 
This is really useful for everyday looks and only cost $1.

I suggest you to try out all the products mentioned, it really saved my life during 2012! 
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beachgal said...

I have to try this MK foundation - I used them sold MK for most of the 80's and part of the 90's and always found their foundations to be great - last one I used was a cream to powder one that I really loved. I will look at the color charts and see where I fit in and look for a MK rep that is not going to bug me to death - that's my only down side about going with a rep...I don't want to be bugged. Hope you had a fun holiday!

LadyLuck said...

Beachgal, you can make an order from my site :)

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