Flora (Swatch and Review)

Hello! Few weeks ago I got Flora and Fauna sets at Walgreen's.  I was only after Flora because I really like the colors on it and the nail polish, but for $4.99 each set, is a great price.  

As you know, it contain:
Fast Dry Nail polish - Twining Vines ($1.99)
Glass Gloss lip Gloss -Mow The Glass  ($1.99) - if not mistaken 
Eyeshadow Trio - Flora ($2.99)
Mini blush  - Mellow Wine (I don't know the price, since is a mini size)
TOTAL: $6.97 if you buy it separated 
                $.4.99 per set
   Saving $1.98

Ok, enough math lets start swatching:

This is how it came in it package

Flora: greenish yellow with golden shimmer
jungle green with golden shimmer
matte orange

Swatching on bare skin (my arm)
As you can see Flora has a nice pigmentation BUT the matte orange is kinda chalky 

Mow The Glass: looks like watermelon but when apply it looks clear on lips.
Yo be honest I don't like how it feels on my lips, feels messy and doesn't last more than 1hr. 

Twinning Vines: this one looks like olive oil full of glitter, the truth is,
this is a  light green with yellow undertone foil 

Mellow Wine: matte warm pink

Its ok cuality but is a bit powdery and dosnt show on my face like I expected.
I mostly use it for work, since I cant use too much makeup. 

I cant complaint about this set because I payed $4.99 for it, isn't like I'm buying high end products, so I'm please with it.  
Next time I will review Fauna, stay tune!

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Sidney said...

Gotta be honest here...those are definitely not my colors. I wouldn't know what to do with bright orange, yellow, and lime shadows! As usual though the pigmentation of WnW shadows is really good. Overall though, I probably wouldn't have chosen this set purely based on color, not quality.

LadyLuck said...

I did like the colors but to be honest I haven't use this trio at all, I cant go to work or to study with this kind of colors, so is something nice to use for a party or some big event if you wanna use bright colors. Fauna has prettier colors and easy to deal.

WitchHazel said...

I got both sets but haven't used either yet (I've pretty much only been using Naked2 for like a month now). I gave away the glosses bc I just don't wear gloss but kept the rest of the stuff. I really like Twining Vines, I thought it was a nice color.

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