My last shopping - March

Hello everyone! I been buying few things for spring/summer.  From nail polish to cloths.  I haven't go shopping (at all) since last year? I lost weight since then and some of my summer cloths that I could use is too big for me, I used to be size M-L now S-M.  That's what happen when there's no stress, you feel happy and stop eating crap like coke, cookies, M&M (my addiction T___T) fast food and anything with flour.  BUT college can be pretty stressing and I been forgetting about the things that can make me gain weigh. I don't wanna be 148lbs again  and I notice I been eating A LOT because of stress and some than other time feeling down = Miss. Pac-Man.  Just in case you didn't know, I used to be 148lb during 2010, I slowly stop eating few things related to carbs, even so I went to 136lbs and my doctor told me I was overweight anyways pfft... He said I should be 125lbs since I'm 5'5" tall. So ok, I made it to 130lbs.. LOL! Until last year that I made it to 125lbs BUT NOW I'm going back slowly to 130 so yeah, diet again. Anyways! I should make another post about this with photos and all that. 

Forever 21

Wet Seal


 Walgreen's and Forever 21 (Teal)

From Walt Mart (They wont sell Nicole By O.P.I. anymore.)
the blues at the middle are not the same,
one glows turquoise and the other one glows purple

I feel satisfied with this so far. I still need to find some shoes for work and some basic undies.  For now its enough, I think I dont need anymore... wait... I forgot to take a photo of China Glaze Magnetix! I got Drawn to You and Pull Me Close.  Anyways! No more! 

Have a great weekend everyone!
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Nolitoshy said...

me gustan los pumps violetas! yo los vi pero todavia estan muy caros para mi budget... :( yo los quiero! tengo q ir a Walmart a comprar pampers para el nene asi q espero conseguir esmaltes de Nicole!!!! :)

Diane Cristi said...

You buy Green with Envy by Sally Hansen?

It's wonderful!

LadyLuck said...

Estan en $13...

Nolitoshy said...

que? yo fui hace como 1 semana y estaban en $24.99!!!!!!!!!!!

LadyLuck said...

estan en $13, yo fui el viernes pasado

Nolitoshy said...

gracias! tengo q ir a ver si quedan en mi size! y fui a Walmart y encontre dos Nicole nada mas, y no me gustaron los colores. pense cojerlos solo pq estaban en $2 pero termine dejandolos.

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