Nars Yorokobi Super Orgasm Set - swatches and review

Hello everyone! Today we have Nars Yorokobi Super Orgasm Set! I had to order online at since Sephora at PR doesn't have uit anymore and don't ship to PR (yeah, heart broken!). Anyways, the original price of this set is $50, now $40.  This is the first time I have Nars in my life.  I always loved the blush named Super Orgasm (I know, sounds kinky) The thing is, I been in love with it.  I saw this set as an great opportunity to try their products since the products are not original sizes.  Took me time to find a review, pictures and videos about it, this is why I wanna do this review.  I wish I can do a video about it.

Lets start:
First we have this cute, Asian look like box that I love! Is approximate 5 to 6 inches. 

In the back of the box you can see what it should content. 

 This set has Super Orgasm nail polish, lipgloss and blush. 

As you can see, the blush is really small BUT with all that glitter is something I will not use everyday

Nail polish, peach with gold glitter, just like the blush. 

Lip Gloss, also small size 
 Now swatches of Nars Super Orgasm. This blush isnt the same as the original size one. This one is same color but instead of golden flakes, it has golden glitter than you cant stick in your face so it goes everywhere except cheeks.
Here you can see what I mean

Here the swatches, I tried my best to capture all the magic (glitters, sparks...)
This blush is warm peachy color with golden glitter. 

Another thing that I notice is the pigmentation.  The pigmentation is kinda weak, but not much. 

Following the same line, we have the lip gloss, also peach with tiny golden flakes.

I love the lipgloss! Good pigmentation and really pretty! I will show you how it looks on me later
with a  makeup look using both.

Makeup look using blush and lipgloss

Sorry to day but the nail polish has to wait :) 

In general, if you haven't tried any  NARS cosmetic this is a win for you! For $40 you can try 3 of their best sellers. I would not buy it again, that's for sure, why? because I like it enough like to buy original size next.  I still want Super Orgasm blush, since is has golden flakes and no glitters like the mini.  Later on I wanna get the original size of each. 

Do you have this set or any of this products? Tell us your esperience and opinions! Have a good day! 
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ambern1984 said...

I honestly just wanted the polish because of the name lol! But my Sephora wasn't selling them separate :(

beachgal said...

I bought the Super Orgasm when it first came out - then I could not find it months later so I bought another. Then I remembered I had given away the first one because like you found, the glitter did not stick and it was not the same shade on me as the original was. I thought the polish was too expensive to buy esp for a sheer that I knew I could create similar looks with things I had. I have only tried the lipgloss on in the store - it did not show up on me. I am fair and lips are loosing their pigment. I wear nudes but try to wear ones that have some stain to them. Right now, I am all about Tarte Lipsurgences - all 3 varieties.

LadyLuck said...

You know, the lipgloss also make me look really pale, notice after taking pictures using it.

Anonymous said...

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