... and then she ran away from the castle and went home.  She updated her facebook and did at check in at home, next day prince went to her house, call the police, sent her stepmother to jail and her sisters now work at the castle cleaning toilets... The End~ 

Here's the most famous princess of the season! Cinderella (in a bottle).  Cinderella is a baby blue full of flakes. This flakes flows soft pink most of the time but there's also pale orange and pale yellow.  I had to do three coats for an even looking, the formula is not bad, I didn't had troubles with it..  I really recommend this color, is really pretty, delicate and unique. I took many photos so you can appreciate the flecks. Enjoy!

Yay longer nails! Finally! 

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Jossie said...

LOLOLOL!! Te rankeaste con lo del cuento. Ese color esta bello, te queda super bien!

Mickey said...

Wow in your pics Cinderella looks soo pretty.

Please follow my nail blog

Diane Cristi said...

Esta en mi lista!!!

euzefelus_27 said...

this looks likes the color oh her gown,, hmmmm,,,, its very pretty!

beachgal said...

I have seen this shade on blogs and adore it. We don't get new or ltd collections of this brand where I live. I even called around to some places I would need to drive a good 100 miles to get it and could not find it. It's so pretty. And it seems really funny to me that I am coveting a Sinful polish. Every Sinful I have bought and tried, I was really unhappy with. Granted it's only 3 bottles, but they were all thin, watery and I got chips in a day or less. But I will give the brand a chance since even China Glass and OPI blow it at times with watery formulas and I get chips in the first day from Butter London and other mid range price polishes. You are so lucky to have this lovely. And yes, I agree with above commenter - the base blue is just the color they always paint her gown in the storybooks!

LadyLuck said...

Gracias! Deja q veas a Whimsical sobre ;)

LadyLuck said...

Thanks, I did.

LadyLuck said...

Es hermoso! te lo recomiendo!

LadyLuck said...

I can send u one if i ever see it again, only seen it once. Email me for more info.

LauraLeia said...

Oh my, this is really such a gorgeous blue colour! Really reminds me of Cinderella, hehe. The flakes in it make it special indeed. :D

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