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Its Sunday! Weekends goes so fast and I have to admit i like week days better than weekends, why? Because my week days are more pretty than weekends, the only problem is that I have to work, but hey! we have to make money. Btw, my computer is having some issues again (Im starting to hate it) so there might be a lack of post during this week while I fix it (at least I have someone who can help me with it) 

Today in share with us, I want you to share your Christmas wish list.

My list:

  • Pretty perfume
  • Jacket 
  • Handbags
  • Wallet
  • Watch 

 I mostly ask for things I need to upgrade, in this case i want new items of this excluding the perfume that smell AWESOME! So i must have it :D  Of course anything extra is well welcome :) Now, share with us your Christmas wish list :) Have a nice day everyone!
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WitchHazel said...

I think the thing I want the most is Naked2. I would be happy if that's the only thing I received ;D

beachgal said...

oooh - that's a good thing to ask for WitchHazel - I wanted to 'see' Naked2 before I bought it, unlike I bought Naked(1) from the photo only. My list also has on it, some polar fleece bed sheets. Not quite what you need in PR Désirée!

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