L'Oreal Go 360 Clean ~ Review

Hello everyone! I wanna share with you what I been using to wash my face for the last month.

As I said before I have oily skin and living in a tropical island with a warm weather doesn't help much, so there's usually the classic breakout and acne that I really don't like (I don't think people like to have it anyways).  I started using this a month ago, my first time impression was : WOW! Yeah, I got really impress because for being a face cleaner that is specially for acne, it leaves my skin really soft, trust me, i have tried a lots of acne products and there's always an issue, too oily, no soft skin, dry skin, and acne was anyways in my face like a best friend.  BUT NOW with this: my skin is soft, the white cleaning disc (like L'Oreal call it)  is also soft, doesn't hurt the skin like I though it would and it helps to clean deeply your face.  The funny part is, you can see the dust in the cleaning disc so you can be sure your skin is clean, better than just using your hands.  No more breakouts or acne (at all) obviously only when I'm under stress and pms -.-' 

I got this at Walmart for $5! Recommended by a (male) friend, funny huh?

Any of you use any of their 360 cleaners? Tell me your experience! 
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Pinkbeauty_love said...

I have this I have used it for over a month and I stoped,like over the pass month I been breaking out like crazy so I am using something else.I might go back to this later because at first everything was great but not anymore.But it great it worked for you!

WitchHazel said...

I saw a commercial for this a couple of weeks ago and my boyfriend really wants to try it. He likes the idea of having the scrubber attached to the bottle. Is the scrubber easy to clean off afterwards? Especially around all the bristles, it seems like it could be a little unsanitary (I have a weird thing about germs, sorry! lol).

LadyLuck said...

yeah, is easy because is soft so u can rub ur fingers and clean it easy.

WitchHazel said...

Cool! I guess I'll break down and buy it for him then lol. Thanks for the info!

mavick3nook said...

Wow, its amazing. Maybe i should try this one for my oily face.. thanks for sharing..

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