Getting ready for Summer Part 2

Hello again, here's the 2nd part of Getting Ready for summer.  Like I said before, I will be posting my summer "equipment" during these months.  First I showed you a Hello Kitty beach towel.  And now I want to show you my new shoes.

Few days ago I was looking for some new shoes at the mall.  Almost 1hr pass and finally got something!

Believe it or not, I got this @ Walt-Mart for $24! They look great with short pants and a nice shirt.  These shoes are really comfortable, but if you’re not used to high hills it will be a bit hard for you to manage.  There's also the same style in colour magenta, teal, mustard and brown. I got some shorts I going to show you soon this week.  I'm so excited about what I've found so far!  I need new "summer style" shirts to complete the look and show you.

Show me what you got for Summer 2011. Are you ready for the sun?

I'm still looking for a new swimsuit. Any suggestions? (Good offers like always, stores in the USA.)

Dont forget to vote! You like polish or makeup more? (the poll is in the right side →)
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~Leslie~ said...

Those are really cute! Score for Walmart! I'm going to have to check out mine. Thanks!

Lydia said...

Cute shoes! I love wedges, although I find them harder to walk in than stilettos.

Jossie said...

I also love wedges, they must look hot with shorts :-D
Especially in PR's hot climate..

♥ Claire ♥ said...

*steals your shoes* They look fab!

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