New babies @ home!

Hi again! I been so busy with college lately, Im on my finals right now, doing tests, works to deliver this week and others.  At least I'm done with my Statistic class, I got a B! Good enough for me, I had a bad time with that class, was a really hard one -__- Anyways! In other news! This Sunday is 30 Seconds to Mars concert! More yay!!!  Ok now in OTHER NEWS! Here's what you really wanna see...

Yup I got them during the last 2 weeks ^^ I been slowing down a bit buying nail polishes for few reasons:
  1. I wanna safe money to travel next yr to Washington :)
  2. I have a lot of polish that I wanna show you first before I get new ones. 
  3. Of curse I cant control myself and I always get something new, just to stay updated hahaha!
The first one that gonna be swatch is the Finger Paints one. I know I said something about a giveaway, trust me, I'm still looking for something that I have in mind, I will keep looking, but I promise it will be during this month! Stay tune!

Thanks again for passing by! Love you all!
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Andi said...

Both of those polishes look sparkly awesome - can't wait to see the swatches! Congrats on wrapping up Stats!!

Charlotte Sparkle said...

ooh I like your new babies, looking forward to the swatches.

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