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Its Sunday (weekends goes fast!) Since Sundays are kinda boring sometimes, I wanna make a new section in my blog, about your thoughts and opinions.  So, we gonna do this, I gonna put a topic and you guys talk about it, if you have a post in your blog that has some reference or relation with the topic, let us know bellow your comment.

So tell me everyone
Whats your favorite top coat and why? Tell me the best one you have tried and the worst one.  Explain. If you have a post in your blog about top coats, share it with us!

Share with us your opinions!

Happy Sunday!
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~Leslie~ said...

My gave topcoat is Out the Door Topcoat. It's awesome. I like seche vite for certain projects only. Like when I need it super thick and glassy. Worst topcoat.... I hated china glaze fast forward topcoat cause it smells terrible! And it was really thin.

LadyLuck said...

I still wanna try SV, but it has pro and cont.

Fiona said...

I have to say that I like SV the best. It has gotten rid of my chipping issues and I haven't experienced any shrinkage with it. It does smell strong but it doesn't bother me. The worst I've tried is Sally Hansen Advanced Strengthening. It dries very slowly and I had chipping after a few hours usually.

Manicured Monkey said...

here's what I've come to find so far:
China Glaze Fast Forward- smell is not bad, dries to a glassy finish, takes a bit longer than normal quick dries to fully set
SV- shrinks my tips on some polishes, smells horrible, dries very fast, really glassy
Color club 0-60- low odor, good drying time, easy to apply and under stated :D

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