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Don't we all LOVE nail polish on SALES? I know you all do! So this is what happened:  I been trying to stop buying polishes because I have a lot of it without use or not even posted here.  Since I started blogging my collection is getting bigger and bigger and I'm getting short in space, so I wanted to STOP buying polishes during a month.  I work 2 store close to Sally Supply and every time I get out of work I pass by to see whats new... and yeah it happened 50% off over the red sticker... a lot of China Glaze polishes (xmas ones) in $2 but the colors left were the one I didn't wanted >_> Even so I was so exited (I felt like a kid in Toy R' Us) it was impossible for me to leave with empty hands so I started to look deeply.  Savvy also was on sale: $1.99 - 50%... wait... those that mean its at $1?! 

Savvy Red Caviar

This polish looks like wine to me, it has shimmer, so sad u cant notice at all but its really pretty.  I was looking for a dark red color and this one got my heart :)  This is my first polish from 2011 xD 

Now tell me, did u bought your first 2011 polish already? Tell me about it! 
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Melanie said...

I took advantage of that sale but still in 2010, this year I have bought Manglaze's "Fuggen Ugly" and I took advantage of zoya's 3 free polishes offer so technically I didn't buy those :)

I bought a bunch of polish when I was visiting family in Puerto Rico earlier in December :)

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