HotTopic Black Holo Glitter Eye Pencil

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Hello hello! I went to the mall this weekend and visit HotTopic.  I like their makeup, is good, and I have some from it.   I love their eyeliner pencils and eyeshadows.  This weekend I got a black eye liner pencil with holo glitter!  It dosnt have label on it

Morbid Makeup brings you this easy-to-use black eye pencil. Extra dark and covered in glitter! 1.2 grams.
 Information got it from the site.

This is how it looks like

This is the "color" description

This is how it looks like - looks less glittery than the cap.

Swatch: as you can see, there's no much glitter like it should be.
I feel kinda upset because theres almost no glitter on it when u apply it.  But I love how creamy is, the only problem is if you dont use a good primer or makeup base  this can smudge under your eyes and make you look like a psycho killer hahaha!   But hey! It cost $1.99, over all is a good pencil that like almost all products has it pro and conts.  I would  recommend this :)
I also have this in color red with glitter and solid black.
Thank you for coming :) 
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