A Step by Step Guide to Spectacular Nail Art

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Guest post by Fabulous Collections

Whatever the occasion and whatever your style, there is no better way to complement your outfit than with designer jewellery and of course, fantastic nails! In the past few years nail art has gone from being the quirky touch of the dedicated, to the essential finish for just about everyone. So here are our top 5 tips on what every girl needs to get started.

If you are serious about nail art then you need to get yourself set up with a few essential items to make the transition from dull to funky, with minimal hassle. First and foremost, experiment with nail polish brands until you find one that works well for you and don’t forget to try acrylic craft paints, too. When it comes to implements, there’s no need to invest in a professional nail art kit; tooth-picks and fine-art brushes from your local craft store are just as efficient for the creation of eye-catching designs.

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Start as you mean to go on
Don’t fool yourself into thinking you can scrimp on the groundwork when it comes to nail art because the success of your final creation will rely entirely on your base. Make sure you apply two coats of your chosen base colour so that your nails are nice and strong and ensure the finish is smooth and completely dry. Using a higher quality nail polish will be a worthwhile investment for this part – remember, this is your canvas!

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What’s your Style?
It’s so tempting to throw yourself in at the deep end trying to create elaborate and daring designs immediately, but some of the most eye-catching nail art is actually very simple. Try starting with basic dots then move on to trailing dots by applying the polish dot after dot without re-dipping. You can make flowers with dots and even swirls by dragging the wet dot outwards using a toothpick. When you have a little more confidence try drawing a simple shape onto each nail before filling it in and remember, more ornate designs can be practiced on paper first.

The easiest way to take your nail art effortlessly from day to night is by adding a few touches with sparkling jewels and stickers. These can be added quickly with a little dab of nail glue and will accentuate any design you already have in place. You could also try mixing some glitter with nail polish before painting it onto your style using a delicate brush – perfect to jazz up a plain block colour, or finish off a flower centerpiece.

Taking Care
It doesn’t matter how beautiful your nails look, if your hands are dry and cracked, that’s all anyone will notice. Make sure you wear gloves when you do household chores and indulge in a daily moisturising treat to keep your skin soft and supple.

Nail art is a wonderful way for everyone to really show off their personality so if you don’t have the confidence to be daring in your dress, why not pour your personality into to your nails instead!
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veronica bell said...

Painting and accessorizing your nails is an art. This art needs a steady hand to make a creative,beautiful and perfect design. I love to make different differet designs on my nails depends on occasion or mood.
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