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Hello! Diane Cristi tagged me in the "Get to know me" Tag.  Thanks Diane!

The rules are:
  1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves on their blog.
  2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you plus eleven questions for the people you have tagged to answer.
  3. Choose eleven people and link them in your tag.
  4. Go to their page and tell them.
  5. No tag backs.
  6. You legitimately have to tag.

11 Facts:
  1. I'm in my last semester of college. I graduate in May 2012.
  2. Im cute and sweet with a big heart (easy to break) 
  3. I admit Im a btch with the ppl i dont like, but if I DON'T LIKE YOU don't expect me to be a muffin! 
  4. I'm a gamer. I love video games! 
  5.  I LOVE cake 
  6. My favorite color is black then pink. 
  7. I like ZOMBIES! 
  8. Im addicted to makeup and nail polish
  9. I pray every night for the people I love. 
  10. I love any type of art, actually my first year of college was at Artes Plasticas (art college) 
  11. I love to sing! 

Questions from Diane:
  1. How long have you been blogging? 2 years now in summer
  2. What is your holy grail  beauty item? Lash Love Black mascara from Mary Kay 
  3. Do you play a sport? Video games... that's a sport! 
  4. What was the last beauty purchase? Maybelline master drama by eyestudio eyeliner (Black) 
  5. What got you interested in beauty products? I always been interested on beauty products but thanks to YouTube and bloggers I been learning a lot! 
  6. What was the last movie you saw in theaters? Did you enjoy it? Wrath of the Titan - was awesome
  7. Do you have a significant other? mmmaybe
  8. If you had a time machine which moment would you go back to? Summer 2011
  9. Are you named after someone? Well my mom told me she got my name (Désirée) from a tv drama show. My name is french but I'm not. 
  10. Have any siblings? 2 sisters and 1 brother. 
  11. What tv show is your guilty pleasure? I don't like TV to be honest but I love Adult Swim and Walking Dead. 

Now I ask YOU:
  1. Whats your favorite song?
  2. Whats your favorite movie?
  3. How many nail polish you got?
  4. Favorite beauty item:
  5. What do you like of blogging?
  6. What do you dislike of blogging?
  7. Whats your favorite color?
  8. If you could change something about the world, what would it be?
  9. Waffles or pancakes? 
  10. Something you love:
  11. Something you hate: 

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BeautyForLess5 said...

Este va a ser el proximo! que divertido! ^_^

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