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Hello! I got new glasses few weeks ago and I wanted to show you my new ones :D
First, my old ones:  Gucci GG1416

I had this model for almost 7 yrs! (Only changed the glass once a yr)  This glasses still looking great and working fine, but I wanted something new...

Like a Boss
Nails: Sinfulcolors Cinderella
Makeup: Nars Yorokobi Super Orgasm Blush and Lip Gloss
Converse Good Find Smoke 
Its been hard for me to get use to this new model since I been using my Gucci glasses for so long, this were the only model I really like one me and had a good price.  Now I look more nerd + professional at the same time, like if I was working with computers or something like that haha! Well that's it! Just wanted to share this important event, have a nice and wild SATURDAY! 
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beachgal said...

I have a really hard time changing now my frames. I got into (7 yrs ago also), a frameless set with Crisol lenses. The frames were super $$$ because they are made of titanium. I don't hardly know they are on my face. Each time I go to try on a more structured frame, I think I won't ever get used to the bulk and the fullness across the nose bridge. Yours look nice - but I bet you get your Gucci's out now and then if the prescription is still good. I need to buy a back up pair so I can give them my titanium ones that have to leave me (due to where I live - rural area) for ~ 10 days before i get them back. Maybe I will find a good eye guy that will work with me on contacts again. Wore them for 35 years then just got so I could not wear them at all.

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