Chunky Holo Purple On a Trip

Hello everyone! I hope your having a great week! Mine seems to be busy like lately (last college semester + work + some plans i been working on it).

Anyways! Here's something I did after using Wet n Wild On a Trip. One thing coat of Kleancolor Chunky Holo Purple, which smells strong and took forever to dry. This polish is so amazing that even if it smells bad and takes a lot to dry is worth it. It cost me only $1 and it looks so pretty and amazing. 

In other news I just got a C on my class of Production and Operational Management... not happy about it (I will talk to my professor and ask him) so I guess i need to work hard on what is left of my semester if I wanna graduate in May 2012... Its the first time I got a C on a business class but I guess is because i been feeling down for months, is not like I'm depressive or whatever or maybe I'm and I haven't notice or don't wanna to admit it?  But I'm not the same.
Now I'm reading about Forces Affecting Competitive Strategy (Business Policies class), to do an analysis of 2 pages about it and I have no idea how to start! Oh well, wish me luck -__-" 
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LauraLeia said...

Oh my goodness, that looks AMAZING! On A Trip looks kinda plain on its own, but after layering the holo polish over it... WOW! :)

Emily said...

I love Kleancolors, so so gorgeous. xoxo

yAmz said...


beachgal said...

Looks great! I don't have this Chunky Holo shade and can tell I need it! Good luck on your 2 page paper - it will come to you. Give it some time - write the first draft then write a totally different draft since it only needs to be 2 pages - you will get your best direction/feel having 2 totally different drafts.

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