Say HI to Snoopy!

Hi hi! In October 2011 I got a new dog... mix breed.  We saved him since the last owners couldn't take care of him... it was that or refuge... My family and I don't like refuges so we keep him.  His name is Snoopy, he was 4 months when he arrived.  Here's few pictures of him.  

He's super cute!

Sleeping after a long day at the beach and then my birthday party
(Oct 2011)

After his hair cut
(Jan 1)
Last picture of him (Feb 8)
See? pure fluffiness cute! I love Snoopy, he will be my Valentine! :D
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Impoverished by Polish said...

Awww, he's so cute! It's hard to believe it's the same dog before and after the haircut, LOL. But he's adorable no matter what! PS. I love seeing pics of your pets, they're all so cute, especially Kelly. :)

ChaosButterfly said...

Oh girl, he looks so cute and sweet. I want to steal him LOL.
You and your family are awesome for taking him in too!

LadyLuck said...

@Impoverish by Polish: Yeah after he came back home with the haircut we were like... its that him??? We even thought he was another dog we took by mistake LOL! And thanks about my pets they all are awesome, and have their own personality, is fun to watch them doing nothing sometimes hahaha!

@ChaosButterfly: And he is also hyper and full of joy and playful - nonstop! Your not the first one who wanna steal him xD And yeah, my dad went to a refuge once and he didn't like the fact that there's dog in line to die + my sister and I saw pictures on facebook of a lot of dead dogs killed by refuge because no1 adopted them. You can guess how sad that makes me, Snoopy is too cute to let go.

April said...

Super cute!

Lucy - Beauty and the Blogger said...

Oh my god, he's so cute!! My friend has a dog called Snoopy who looks just like that but black, aaaw :-)

Snoopy Bank Checks said...

So cute you name him Snoopy! Adorable dog he is.

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