Revlon Pink Chiffon + Kleancolors Aurora

Hello again! Looks like its Sunday double post! Hahaha, sorry for double posting, I'm just too excited because I like the mani I been using since the end of Valentines day, also because my sister is letting me use her camera for few days (I hope I can use it for a bit longer) so better to take all the pretty pics I can lol! 

First, this is a full mani with base coat and top coat.  I did my nails during the night, I don't know if that explain why I had some complications with Pink Chiffon, the problem: it was too watery, leaving stroke marks. I ended up doing FOUR COATS to have a nice result. Don't blame the polish until you try it, blame me first, anyways it only cost me $1 at K-Mart.  The colors is a soft pink, like cotton candy and is cream but too watery.  It dries fast and has an incredible staying power! You will see, I took the pictures on day 3 or 4 (i dont remember too well when I did my nail exactly, but I think today is day 4 or maybe 5).  In my ring (without ring) finger, I used Aurora from Kleancolor. Aurora is a soft pink glitter.  It has hexagonal glitters (changing in different soft colors), different sizes and also has some pearl pink star shape glitters. 

Enjoy the pictures!

What you think? Do you have Pink Chiffon? Did you got same trouble?
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Brittany Sommer said...

I have that problem with all my Revlons. I usually do 2 coats then put on a top coat then one more coat of the polish then one more top coat. It seems to do the trick for me!

Nory O. said...

This is such a cute mani! I love it!

LauraLeia said...

Such a soft and pretty colour! <3 I love pinks, and this one is lovely.

Minty said...

Your nails are stunning, this mani is so cute. Loving the accent.

Lucy - Beauty and the Blogger said...

This looks so cute, I love both polishes :-)

Jossie said...

Odio odio streaky polishes :-/ usualmente me pongo un color similar primero y despues par d capas del color para q quede parecido. Bonito y femenino t quedo! :-)

DIY...Beauty Tips said...

very cute and girly manicure!!

Joanne said...

It looks fabulous!

Pinkbeauty_love said...

Lovely manicure.But I hate when a polish is watery.

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