My first 2012 shopping...

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And I promise I wont do it again -.-"  More details (swatches and/or review) of each item soon, make your vote in the comments! 

Here is what I been buying during this month.  After all the hard work during Christmas @ GameStop I think I deserve a to buy my own prize for all the hard work.  You all should do the same after having a hard week or season, this will make you feel that you work hard to get what you got. 
Cover Girl Fresh Complexion Pocket Powder. 

I used this when I was in high school and it was great because it looks natural, doesn't make my skin oily and right now is good for college and work. For both places I use super natural make up. 

I know... more Bettina... but the Disco collection is a must have for me.  Also Wet n'Wild Mega Volumen Mascara (it gives 0 volume to me - swatches soon).  Another item I got to use it for school and work. 

New skin care products including mascara and eye makeup remover that finally don't make my skin feeling burning in some areas. It doesn't irritate skin or eyes *BONUS*

This mascara is one of the best I ever tried.  And GREAT price for the results. 

Eyelash curler, a present for buying the above products. 

From Rainbow... Took me 1hr to found something I would like! 

Also from Rainbow 

God Bless this shampoo! 
Like I said, I wont do it again ... right...  I'm trying to learn to save more money and only buy what I really need and what I really gonna use.  I notice I got few products that I don't even use!!! It such a pain to see my makeup and nail polish stash dying in dust. My 2012 resolution is, use all the products I haven't use, get what I need, and (like always) buy when there's special offers. I need to control a bit my impulse on buying nail polish and makeup! But is so hard when after buying a product you been looking for months is crap, so you have to keep looking and keep trying. The Mary K products I got, I had a chance to try them all and I fall in love so that's why I bought those, also the shampoo, my older sister use it and her hair looks really shiny and pretty so I tried and bough one for myself. Same thing with the cover girl powder, I used it before so I know the product = I'm safe! 

Between you and I... have you tried any of this products? Tell me your experience.  Would you buy it again? Why? Want a review? Chose a product for the next review! 

Thanks for passing by and reading my blog! Have a nice weekend! 
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WitchHazel said...

I haven't tried any of this stuff.. I'm really loving the tops you bought, so cute!

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