Guest Post: Better Living Through Nail Polish

By: Jackie Clark

If you are toiling under a diagnosis of mesothelioma, lymphoma, breast cancer or any type of cancer, it can be difficult not to let your life get overwhelmed with constant thoughts of survival rates, cell counts, and mounting medical costs. When you are feeling like it is all too much, and that you don’t have control over your life or your body, take back some power by painting your nails. Painting nails is a simple task that you can do on your own, and the expenses are minimal, so you can indulge guilt-free. You’ll also find that a small amount of color can make your day brighter every time you glance at your hands. When you feel tired or unattractive, paint your nails to get a quick boost.

Choose colors that cheer you up. Is there a shade of canary yellow that always makes you smile? Do you love the idea of a bright cherry red that makes you think of candy? Throw caution to the winds and experiment with lots of colors. There are many different colors on the market today; we’re seeing a real renaissance in terms of the shades that are currently available, so take advantage of them. If you like, put some variety into your life by painting each nail a different color. Go wild with your combinations or choose colors that are all in the same range. For example, paint all five nails on one hand a different shade of blue.

Painting your nails is also something that can be done while sitting or lying down. No matter what physical state you may be in painting your nails is an easy way to feel beautiful. Even better painting your nails can be a great bonding experience with those who you love and who love you. While you are sick, spending time with the ones you love not only creates memories but also makes you feel like no diagnosis can change the beauty of life.

If you find that you have a lot of time on your hands and that you can’t concentrate on reading or television, take the time to play with your nails. One hot style involves painting the nail one color and then laying a thin stripe down the length of the nail in the middle. This racing stripe makes your fingers look elegant, and it mimics a look seen on European runways.

Take advantage of the different brands out there, and also the different textures. Create a funky cracked effect by putting down a base color and putting a crackle coat over the top, or work on getting an utterly smooth, slick surface. There are many, many choices available when you are looking at nail polish, and if you have been feeling scared and powerless, this simple cosmetic task allows you to feel like you are in control again. 

Nail polish is a seemingly minor thing that can have a great deal of significance for you. It can act as a mood booster and you will discover that with a little bit of effort, it can put you back in control while helping you feel like a sensual, sexy person again.

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Roxanne said...

great post! very touching

Lucy - Beauty and the Blogger said...

I work at a cancer hospital and we actually run sessions for patients to get their make up done, shown how to do their hair hair, wig and headscarves and we've just started doing monthly sessions with an image consultant. It does so much for self esteem, especially when women are feeling low about dealing with their cancer.

WitchHazel said...

Love this post.. nice work Jackie! ;)

WitchHazel said...

Wow, cool Lucy! I wish I could get involved with something like that where I live.. just made a mental note to look in to that! Thank you! ♥

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