Avon Skin So Soft - Review

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Hello!!! Heres what I got from my last order from Avon, Skin so soft, Signature Silk, Cream oil body wash and Cream Oil Body Lotion.  Lets talk about it...

 Body Wash: It smell really nice and feels soft, after shower you still have the smell on you.  It leaves the skin soft and nice. It has small pink dots for scrub and golden mini balls that dissolve while you wash yourself.  

Body Lotion:  I still have my doubts on this.  Its weird, it feels like hair gel on your skin, but then its disappear... I have notice is better to use on DRY skin then just after shower skin because it leaves your skin sticky.  I don't know if there's an special trick to use this lotion, I don't like it at all because of the sticky feeling, but like i said, when your skin is completely dry it works much better. 

After all I give a 7/10.

Do you have this products? Tell me your experience! 
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Avon representative said...

I love the Skin So Soft range, especially the dry oil body spray, mainly because it has so many uses! I've never tried these products you've reviewed but I'll definitely look out for them.

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