Mark. Powder Buff

Hello everyone! Sorry for being away few days, been busy.  Now that Im back I wanna show you the foundation I use.  I been using Mark. Powder Buff for years, this is a powder foundation.  I got mine few days ago (I needed a new one) so I wanted to show you.  This is sell by Mark. and (for now) it cost $12.  It was $8 before.  

It comes on this box, hard to open.

This is how it looks like. 

It has a mirror and as you can see, the product looks soft. 

The sponge is under the product. 

Why I like it:  It medium cover and looks and feel natural.  I also like the price, $12 is a good price for this kind of product since there's other that cost more with same results. 
What I don't like is that anyways my skin looks grassy after 4hrs or so.  With lose powder I can fix that issue, but is something I would like them to improve since is a "oil free" product. 

Have you tried this or other Mark. products?
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beachgal said...

I have one that I discovered a # of years ago from Dr. Denese called Foundation Faker - came out long before Benefit and others tried to come out with similar things. It's now after a light tinted spf moisturizer what I use for 'foundation' when I need a more smooth, even coverage. I stocked up on it when it was on a 2 fer special. I have given it as gifts and it's just always been loved by everyone I have given it to.

Roxanne said...

Llevo mas o menos 2 años usando el Matte-Nificent de Mark y es un exito. mi piel no es grasa, pero igual me gusta usarlo, sobre todo durante el dia y si acaso veo al final del dia algo de brillo en mi cara es mas bien un "glow" natural, no se me ve grasosa.

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