New poll

Hey everyone! I made a new poll about what look you would like to see next.  The options are: Job interview and Back to School.  Both looks will have manicure and makeup. Also, I would like to know if your interested on some tips about both topics, so i can write them together with the winner look.  I will be doing more polls of this kind to know what are you interested about.  If you have any suggestions about other looks, let me know in the comments, so I can use it for the next poll.  Dont forget the giveaway!

By the way, its been a long time since I don't post a picture of one of my cats, here's Kelly.

Shes always in my room, doing company. 

Thanks so much for passing by *hugs*
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Pinkbeauty_love said...

I like on both topics!Can't wait!

Jossie said...

Back to school! Bonito gato, me recuerda al gato d Sabrina Teenage Witch :-)

Hollie said...

Job interview!

beachgal said...

I also like both topics, but I say job interview since there are so many looking for work these days...we don't want a look one goes in with to send wrong signals and be the first part of ones elimination from any further progress into the job option. Many folks don't see little things they take for-granted...esp if they have not been working for some time. When it comes to back to school - gosh, you can do anything you want now days on any campus. That's a real no brainer.

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