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Here we are again, its Sunday!  How your weekend been? Today I'm going to 30 Second to Mars concert!!! So excited!

So, lets share our favorite Base Coat, whats your favorite and why? Its there's one you don't recommend? 

My favorite is Sally Hansen Hard as Nail Nail Hardener because it makes my nails to be stronger than normal, also helps my polish to stay.
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~Leslie~ said...

I love, but don't have any at the moment, OPI Nail Envy. I was having problems with my nails splitting and peeling, gross. By the time I was halfway through a bottle of Nail Envy, no more problems. I really feel like it helped to salvage my nails. Now I'm using Essie Ridge Filler, and I haven't had any further problems so I like it too. :)

Emma Greenwood said...

Rimmel Stronger Double Duty - my nails are barely stained at all and all (except for my 4 ongoing problem nails) nails are much harder since using it :) Also dries quickly too xx

April said...

My favorite is Nail Tek Foundation II. I've tried lots of others but this one beats them all for my needs. It's a ridge filling base coat, that also helps hide my slightly stained nails. Whenever I try other base coats, my nails start to peel a bit and split near the edges. A few weeks of Nail Tek and they were healthy and strong again. I don't think I'll be trying anything else for quite some time.

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