Kreativ Blogger Award


Yay another award! I love it!  Thank you witchhazels

The rules for this award are:
Write 10 facts about yourself and pass the award to 10 bloggers and tell them about the award.

Ten Facts About Me...
1. I want the Pirates of the Caribbean Polishes from O.P.I.
2. I got a PS3 2 weeks ago- yay!
3. I have 3 black cats - females!
4. I would like to know how to bake :)
5.  Im a dreamer
6. Im planning to travel next yr ;)
7. I love cake ._.
8. I like dark color polishes - more than light colors.
9. I got a new best friend this yr.
10.  I feel blessed.

And here are my winners!

Check out their blogs!
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WitchHazel said...

Thank you! You deserve it.. I spent all morning on your blog today ;)

kelliegonzo said...

thanks girl!!

Melanie said...

Thanks so much!!!

K said...

Thank you :) x

Andi said...

Thanks a bunch, Désirée! and I <3 cake too ;)

Eveypoison said...

Hello, Thanks! I use my iphone for my camera because my Nikon does not pick up color:D I need to look for a better camera.

LadyLuck said...

you welcome everyone!

PrincessPoly430 said...

OMG thank you so much!!!! Lo unico que le doy click a mi nombre y sale otro blog jajajaja Muchas Gracias :D

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