Release the CRACKLE!

Wait... what?
Yeah, that's what it came to my mind when I was thinking on a title for this post. 

I love the color combination!  Black Mesh turn mate after dries.  I used top coat but it shrink a bit on the tips, this mean, beware!  I would like to get more colors (pink and purple) of the crackle, I hope I get in time to get them! 

Hermosa combinacion creada con Black Mesh de China Glaze y Peppermint de Bettina.  Utilize top coat y en realidad fue mala idea por que se encojio un poco en las puntas. Me gustaria poder conseguir mas colores de Crackle y seguir combinando!

Have a beautiful day everyone!
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Nikki's Nail Files said...

I just found your blog. Very nice! I love the black crackle. I haven't gotten my hands on one yet but I did snag a pink one that I AM OBSESSED WITH! The black over blue looks so sharp, absolutely fantastic! Great blog!

Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

I agree you have convinced me to try blue on my nails for once. Very nice.

LadyLuck said...

@Nikki: Thanks and welcome :)

@Hell Notes: good to know! Let me see the pics when you do it!

ChaosButterfly said...

Gorgeous color combo, and it cracked so nicely!

And your title made me laugh...that's like my favorite line in the whole movie, I say it all the time for no reason at all.

LadyLuck said...

@Chaos When i was watching that movie, i was waiting so excited (like a kid in xmas) for Zeus to say that! LOL

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