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Hello everyone!  I want to share something really nice with you all, a skin care product I've been using for a week and since the first day I have seen some difference.  Here's what I've been using...

Cleans deeper than common cleansers to flush dust and dirt from pores. Extraordinary make-up remover.
Organic Cleansing Milk: I'm so happy with this product.  This is a light cream that you apply into your skin doing dots and then with your wet fingers you rub it.  The smell is really soft, feels cold and you don't get that bad chemical feeling because this is organic.  After using this my skin feels soft and natural.
After a week I felt my skin more healthy, hydrated and less oily.  
*This "improves skin tone as it cleans deep into pores, leaves skin fresh, moist and immaculately clean and also makes an excellent makeup remover."*

A freshener applied after Cleansing Milk. Leaves the skin immaculately clean and glowing with freshness.
Organic Skin Tonic w/ hydrogen peroxide: This is the toner I use after applying the Cleansing Milk.  I use a cotton ball, wet it with the Organic Skin Tonic and rub it in my face, after this you can feel your face fresh and clean.  It also has a good smell and what I really like about it is that it doesn't irritate your skin like most of the toners I've used before. 
*This "stimulates and freshens, helps maintain proper acid balance, removes leftover cleaners residue, improves skin tone and clarity."*

"Peeling" is a European term for one of the most unique European items in the entire cosmetic field. THIS IS NOT A HARSH CHEMICAL PEEL. It doesn't "peel skin" as we know it, but gently lifts off more hardened, dried skin cells than can be achieved by scrubs or any other "exfoliating" product. Dead-cell accumulation prevents treatment products from penetrating and keeps skin tone from looking fresh and vibrant. For aging and problem skin, PEEL is absolutely vital; it offers multiple benefits, which one can see and feel with just one application. Used by Europe's top Skin Treatment Specialists as a supplementary cleansing step in any skin care program. Any skin type, any age, can benefit from a once-a-week "Peel". Our Peel ingredients also stimulate the deeper new cells to move upward at a faster rate causing the skin surface to look tighter, clearer and healthier.

Light Skin Peel:  This product is totally awesome!  First use and I noticed my skin a lot more brighter and lighter. It also leaves your skin really soft like a baby.  What I like about this is that it feels so natural and you can see all the natural ingredients when your applying (it has crushed almonds).  You only need a light coat over your cleansed face and throat, after 3-5 mins it dries, then you remove it with a dry tower and you will see how it peel off all the dead cells.  At the end you get a lighter, softer and cleaner skin than before.  This is the best exfoliant I ever tried! 
*This is the "only product of its kind. The next best treatment to a professional salon facial, no harsh chemicals, no skin irritations, Improves skin appearence faster than any other product, super effectivefor Ethnic skin type, removes traces if "ashiness" quickly."*

One week later, after exfoliate 2 times...
            Before                               After
This is my right cheek and here's some marks I got long ago from acne, 2nd time using the light skin peel, the marks are getting less notable and my skin looks softer.

In general I really recommend this if you wanna start a more natural skin care routine.  Some products  can help you with one thing, but it could harm your skin with all the chemicals on it -some products made my skin irritated, dry, itchy and oily, this one has been doing great for my skin, with no bad side effects. - My boyfriend also tried the products today, and he was impressed by how soft his skin was after the exfoliation.

Thanks again for passing by! Leave me your comments about what you think! 

This were sent to me for review
For more information about this and more products, click here!
* Information taken by their Product Profile Sheet.
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