Lets talk about Expiration dates

Lets talk about beauty product expiration dates.
Yes, makeup does expire after it's opened overtime.  Every product has it's own expiration date.  Check your cosmetic bag, drawer or cabinet for all your beauty product every season and be sure to toss everything that has expired.
Los cosméticos se expiran con el tiempo de uso despues de ser abiertos.  Cada producto tiene su propia fecha de expiracion.  Verifica tu bolso de maquillajes, cajones tus cosmeticos cada temporada y asegurate de botar los que ya esten expirados.

Here's a table with products and how long can last.

Liquid and cream foundation 2 years
Concealer 2 years
Powder 2 years
Mascara 6 months
Lipstick 12 - 18 months
Eye Shadow 2 years
Powder Blush 2 years
Cream blush 2 years
Moisturizer 2 years
Eye cream 6 months
Sunscreen 2 years
Face cream 2 years
Lip and eye pencil 12- 18 months
Nail Polish 1 year

When the scene begins to change

Some products have this symbol on it, but not all of them do so this makes it harder to know.

Its looks like a small jar with a number on it.  In this case this eyeshadow last 30 Months.

I think a good way to keep track of the expiration is by placing some sticker with the month/year of when you first opened, that way you can know when to trash it.  Cream products can accumulate bacterias, in this case you can  disinfect cream products with alcohol and paper towel - put some alcohol on the paper towel and pass it all over the cream product (cream shadow, cream liner, cream blush...) 
Pienso que una buena manera de mantenerte al tanto de la fecha de expiración es pegando algunos sellos con el mes/año de cuando abriste el producto por primera ves, de esta manera puedes saber cuando botarlo con seguridad.  Los productos en crema tienden a crear bacterias, en este caso los puedes desinfectar con alcohol y papel toalla - pon un poco de alcohol en el papel toalla y pésalo por el producto (sombra en crema delineador en crema, blush en crema.

Keep your beauty products in place and clean.
To get the most from your makeup, store it away from heat, a cool, dry place far removed from the sun.

I hope this tips helps!

Do you keep a track on the expiration dates? How you do it?
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Andi said...

I had no idea that's what that little symbol meant - thanks for the tip! I usually just toss whatever I think is really old or just something I haven't used in awhile. I'm going to try & keep my cosmetic drawer "fresher" this year :)

LadyLuck27 said...

Very good! You know old eye make up and lipsticks are dangerous!

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