Kiko Makeup swatches and Review

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Hello readers! Few months ago we finally got a Kiko store here @ Puerto Rico! Yay!  The first time I went there was with my fiance, I dont know why, I wasnt impress with what I saw but the second time I went with my best friend I ended up buying few things. 

First of all, they had a 65% off (winter sale) so basically I got all this products for $11 + tax! The eyeshadows where $8 regular price and I cant remember how much it was the Mixing Solution but it was like $3!  I went for products that I dont have and I tried them at the store first before buying to make sure it was worth it, even if it was $2- $3 each product.  I got three eyeshadows and one mixing solution pot. The eyeshadows are Kiko 264 Infinity High pigment eyeshadow, 408 Infinity+ Sparkle eyeshadow and 290 Infinity High pigment eyeshadow. I notice they use numbers instead of "names" for the eye shadows. 

The Kiko Mixing Solution is to be used with pigments, eyeshadows, glitters and so on.  The first time I used I wasn't sure of the texture and I used more than I should on my eyeshadow brush, so what I did was clean a bit the excess with a towel.

Kiko 264 Infinity High pigment eyeshadow is teal matte with gold glitters, the texture is creamy and felt really soft.
Kiko 408 Infinity+ Sparkle eyeshadow is my favorite one, this one is gorgeous! Is a metallic aqua color, with a bit of gold shimmer. I used this one with the Mixing Solution and love it! Really pigmented, soft and no fallout. 
Kiko 290 Infinity High pigment eyeshadow is dark grey with some pale silver glitters. Same as the others, creamy, pigmented and soft. 

Swatches with flash to appreciate all the glitters! The swatches where on bare skin with no primer. 

This is my first time using Kiko and I can say I really like what I got and that I'm impress. It is a little bit more expensive than drugstore but their sales are amazing! 

Do you own any Kiko product? Any recommendation? Dont forget to let me know you been reading this post :) 
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