February date

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Hello readers! Once a month my fiance and I like to go out for a special date. We call it monthiversary and is when we celebrate our relationship monthly and that we are alive and together. Normally what we do is go out (breakfast, lunch, brunch or dinner) spend the day together and afte we exchange small presents.  We been doing this for over 2 years and I also see it as a great opportunity to dress pretty and do my makeup.

*In one of those date is how I got engage ;) 

For this month (February) we went to the south, Ponce! We are from the San Juan and it took us about 1hr and a half to get there. We went to "Con Leche cafe bar & bistro" the place was really simple, the service was ok but the food was AMAZING!  

We really had a great time, the food was nice and the road was really pretty and smooth.  If you have never celebrated a monthiversary with your partner, I really recommend it to you because is a great opportunity to have date, spend the day together and sometimes it happens that you are at the store, find something cute for your love one but dont know when or how give it to him/her.  Plus it can help the relationship grow.  Whenever is possible, pick a place, keep the present for that special date, get pretty and go out! You will thank me later! 

I hope you had fun reading this post.
Do you date monthly? weekly? Whats your best relationship advice?

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