Colorina 3D - Rainbow Effect Hologram Effect - Black

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Happy Valentines day! 
Almost a year I ago Colorina released a holo collection, from the collection I only got three, one of those is "Black."

I love black polish and Holo is one of my favorite effects on nail polish but sadly is not easy to find. So this one was a perfect combo! They also have pink, blue, green, red, yellow, etc.  I would love to get the red one since the other 2 I got are pink (will post about them soon.)  Anyways, lets talk about "Black", this nail polish is beautiful! I love how it looks under the sun. I went to the beach last weekend and OMG I couldn't stop looking at my nails haha! 

To my bigger toe I added a silver holo butterfly sticker from the Sleeping Beauty nail art kit. It needed 3 coats but I have notice most of the time my toes require 3 to 4 coats, I dont know why, maybe because I suck at painting my toes nails :D But I believe with 2 coats (on your hands) you are good to go. Ah! Can you believe it only cost $3?!? God bless that price!  

I haven't tried this on my hands nails, but is on my coming soon along with the pink ones. 
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