Celebrating My B-Day


Hello everyone! My b-day was on Oct.27 and to celebrate it I went to Horror Nights in Orlando
from Oct 15th to the 18th with Princess Poly and friends. It was a great trip since it was the first time
I traveled outside of the island (Puerto Rico). I was like a kid, all excited and full of energy. I took a lot
of pics but, I will only be sharing just a few of them with you, if you liked my page on facebook you 
might have seen this before. 

First off, my nails:

Here is where the fun starts...

Oct 15: Downtown Disney
Poly and I @ the airport, about to leave Puerto Rico.
We had dinner that night and this is my serving of sushi,
it has shrimp tempura + mango + coco flakes, best sushi ever!
Disney Store @ Downtown Disney, playing with head accessories! xD
Oct 16: Island of Adventure
Harry Potter Attraction @ Universal's Island of Adventure  
Hogwarts - This place was my favorite!
Having dinner at Dave & Buster's.
Messing around outside of Dave & Buster's with one of my best friends.
Oct 17:  Universal Studios - Horror Nights 
We are Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies Fans... so yeah,
we were sort of like role-playing. xD
The Walking Dead fans know the story behind this... Poor Sophie.  :(
Walking around we found this crazy couple and we took pics.
I also got that HK shirt  from the store at the entrance. xD
Horror Nights mode ON!  We all had zombie related t-shirts. :D
There were many people dressed in scary outfits like the one behind me with the mask.
Oct 18: Last Day @ Orlando, FL :(

Another Disney Store, this one was at Florida Mall.
They were really kind and there were a lot of puertorricans working there. :O

I really had a lot of fun, I wish we could do this again as many times as we can. 

Thanks a lot to Poly, Lorena and Oskar, I had a great time. :) Love You guys!
I will post the presents and Part 2 (celebrating @PR) soon...
Thanks for passing by! Dont forget to leave a comment and follow. xoxo
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beachgal said...

Mine was 4 days after yours - on the 31st - Halloween here in the states - not sure if you all celebrate it in PR or not...I have to really dig for your blogs now - my IPS keeps putting them in their spam folder that is cleaned out super fast on a special place on their web site. I keep writing to them to tell the postmaster to please review mail coming in from your email addy - that it's not spam but I am getting zero attention - have tried calling but customer service only says to go to the web and report it to email postmaster addy - UGH.

Hope you had fun on your b'day -looks like you did. I did nothing but scurry some errands in the daytime and home to lock myself in before it was dark and the kiddies started to maybe knock for candy - I had none to give out - was not up to doing the front door open and close and me up and down off the couch - was not a good day for my legs and my house will not accommodate my electric scooter or chair so it's just canes/walker inside. As it was did not get a knock - that might have been because we get so few kids most yrs - but also my house is back on a double deep lot with no pavement leading up to it - kind of a not too welcoming looking place on Halloween unless I do up the front with orange lights, pumpkins and some other glowing things. It's turned warm here again - ugh - know you are always warm there - but I am soooo not used to it staying warm this late into the yr here...I am ready for polar fleece - cool days - cool winds off the ocean and it not warming up until May - have a feeling it's going to be warm off and on all winter. But I should not complain - not in the Hurricane Sandy's path here so all is safe.

The Wicked Muse said...

I went to Horror Nights on the 11th of October! It was my first time too and I liked it. Hope you had a great time.

PrincessPoly430 said...

We hag a great time...Happy B-Day Desi!

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