SinfulColors Hazard + New Friend

Hello everyone! I been wearing summer colors lately before is "too late"  One of my summer colors is Hazard by SinfulColors. Hazard is a creamy coral going more for the orange side with a soft touch of shimmer that can be seen under the sun light.  I only used 2 coats for this and the application was really nice.  

In other news: On July 15 my pretty cat Kelly died on a car accident in front of my house.  The day after, a friend contacted me telling me that his uncle cat had babies and one of them were black.  I told him ok, since I miss Kelly so much. 

Yesterday afternoon, my friend came home with this cutie

Her name is Lulubell and shes 6 weeks old.  

She's really cute and fluffy.  I know Lulubell cant replace Kelly (who was like a friend and room mate to me) but at least I wont feel alone in my room when blogging, doing nail videos and so on.  It still hurt when I think about the accident and I still miss Kelly really bad, Lulubell is my new reason to smile. 
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Tess said...

She's so precious :)

Impoverished by Polish said...

Aww, she's totally adorable. I'm glad you have a new friend, though of course every cat is unique. Also, thanks for the swatches of Hazard, I've been eyeing it for a while now. It's a fun color!

Desirée V. said...

D'aaaw <3

Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

Very pretty color! I like how affordable they are and the color range is insane too.

beachgal said...

She is so cute. I have had pets all my life. But because I have been in poor health the past 20 yrs I told myself when the last 2 cats departed they would not be replaced with hard to get good care for them when I am in the hospitals 2-4 months away from home...I lost one that left home when I was in the hospital more than 6 months in the 90's...another ate her way through a window screen to get outside the heat of the house because no one let her in and out. That just was not right...but right now I get to love a kitty that has lived next door for about 7 yrs - she comes to me for water, food and to get her eyes cleaned. I had a couple (3) all black cats - the first one was called Sunshine because I had the 'next' pet name picked out before the cat presented herself one day walking into my then office workplace. Love this orange Sinful - it's got a pretty shift to it. Wish I could train my ISP to not keep putting your blog into the spam folder! No idea why it keeps ending up there.

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